2022 House rules

Nonfiction: I apologize for being away for so long. I’ve had a nasty surgery from which I am still healing and other life things going on. PLEASE send me a message if I get lapse again and you need a new story!!!


I realize it is now June, but we began our new 2022 House Rules back in January. here’s the list!

Old Rule: Wear underclothing ONLY while at work. At least one day wear a waist cincher or corset for a minimum of 4 hours. When not at work, underclothing may only be worn with Milord’s permission.

New Rule: Wear ONLY matching lingerie, including a waist cincher or corset, while at work. When with Milord, only an under breast corset may be worn. Milord requires full access to all my “tasty bits” at any time.

Old Rule: The wearing of clothing of any kind while at home WITH Milord is allowed only upon his Word. If that Word is not given, all clothing must be removed within ten minutes of His arrival home.

New Rule: All clothing will be removed while at home. Even when outside (we live out in the country and have a 7 foot tall privacy fence around the yard), no clothing other than shoes and a sun hat will be worn. I am not allow to even ask for permission to put on clothing. Only Milord can decide to allow it.

Old Rule: Alcohol may be drunk at any time. However, drunkenness will be severely punished.

New Rule: Alcohol may only be drunk in Milord’s presence. If we are out, he will order for me. If we are home, I will drink only from the cup he offers me.

Old Rule: I will make an appointment once a month to have my cat waxed. Milord will decide if I am to leave a landing strip or have a full Brazilian. (My legs and pits have been lasered, so no need to worry about them anymore!)

New Rule. As I am now lasered, waxing is no longer necessary, so this rule is completely obsolete. Therefore, we changed the entire thing. Once a month Milord will host a dinner party for lifestyle friends. Guests will be allowed to observe or participate in any preapproved (by Milord with my consent) activity with me sans anal sex. My anus is for Milord or such implements as he chooses alone.

As these rules have been in place for some time, you can bet that I’ve broken several already. soon, I’ll be adding those stories as well.

I do so love being submissive to such a strict, loving man.

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