Wifely Training – Home

  Wifely training   Bella knelt, waiting for Levi to come into the living room. She thought back to her training Wifely Training – 4. When she'd agreed to enter into the training, she'd been unsure and unknowing of what Levi had meant when he said "24/7" and "TPE". Now, she knew. Now, she didn't think she … Continue reading Wifely Training – Home

Week of Nipple Training – Day 7

Beatrice has accepted all I have give her this week. Her nipples now ache for my touch and all I need do is look at them for them to pucker with desire. We have an arsenal of toys at our disposal and Beatrice can easily orgasm with only nipple manipulation. This evening, after attaching clothes … Continue reading Week of Nipple Training – Day 7