I was good, but then. ..


So after the February incident I was good. Until mid March when I broke Rule #4 of 2022 House rules. Milord was home as it was a Saturday and I was in the kitchen putting together my phenomenal beef stew. The recipe calls for red wine – my favorite. I poured in the required cup and then I took a little sip out of the bottle – right when Milord walked into the kitchen. I slowly set the bottle on the counter and sighed.

“As soon as you finish with that stew, get your naughty ass into the bathroom. I want you kneeling, head on the floor, ass in the air.”

He stalked from the room. Well shit! That could mean only one punishment. The one I absolutely hate the most. Nonetheless, I didn’t dawdle, knowing that would simply make the punishment worse. I set the stew in the oven, set the timer, and complied.

I got into position and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, I heard him step into the bathroom. He said nothing but lubed my anus with vaseline and inserted the tubing. In rushed the liquid – i wasn’t quite sure what it was – and then I felt the burn. Soapy water. I began to cramp and whimper, but aside from a few short breaks, the liquid filled my bowels. When he finished, he removed the tubing only to replace it with a very large plug.

“Now turn around. If you want a drink so badly, you’ll drink from me. Don’t even think of complaining about that plug until I come down your throat.”

He was in no hurry. He took his time coming despite my best efforts to lick and suck, all of which was hindered because he wouldn’t let me use my hands. After about 16 hours (or fifteen minutes) he finally came down my throat. I was in agony. Only then did he allow me to sit on the stool and remove the plug.

I knew we were not finished. Three more times he filled me full of cool water. During the first two, he paddle me with the back brush for ten minutes before allowing me to evacuate.
For the last one, he again had me suck him off which took a very, very long time since he had already come. When he eventually let me evac., all that came out was clear water.

By this time, the stew was finished and staying warm in the oven. We enjoyed the dinner and watch a bit of television together, so I was under the assumption that my punishment was finished. My mistake.

Before going to bed, he told me to assume my “position” on the bed. I did so. He again lubed up my very cleaned out anus and took me from behind. I love this, but at the same time, he continued to spank my upturned ass – hard! Nonetheless I came about 4 times. Eventually, he also came, but not until I was sobbing.

“That’s my good sub. Now, for the final bit, I’m going to insert this soft plug inside of you. If it slips out during the night, you’d be wise to reinsert it. If it isn’t there in the morning, we’ll have a full repeat of today’s punishment. If it is, I’ll be very proud of you.”

Sadly, it slipped out while I was sleeping. I woke up, felt it, but went back to sleep. Monday morning, however, he was quite proud of me.

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