Punished with Lingerie

I’m a free spirit. I love the fashion of the 70’s, boho, hippy looking things. Which is why I have such a difficult time with one of the 2022 House rules. Wear ONLY matching lingerie, including a waist cincher or corset, while at work. When with Milord, only an under breast corset may be worn. Milord requires full access to all my “tasty bits” at any time. Which is why when I complained, and worse yet, when Milord visited me at work and took me out for lunch, he quickly discovered that I had not – that ONE day – followed the rule he was not happy. Now, I’m paying the price.

Milord has an invitation to one of his top customer’s home for a cocktail party. I am, he has declared to dress in a 1950s style dress with matching 1950s style lingerie – including a girdle with those little tabs, stockings, tap panties, and a freaking cross your heart style bra! Naturally, that’s just one part of my punishment. And, to be honest, I deserve this. I knew the rule and blatantly broke it. So, to begin, he flipped me over his lap and walloped my poor bottom. I was then immediately required to put on the bottom portion of the lingerie.

Next, he clipped my nips while I worked on my hair and make-up. Once that was finished, he slapped the clips off – OHMYGOD!!!! – and immediately had me put on the bra which was a size too small, so it was INCREDIBLY tight and uncomfortable!

Finally, he helped me slip the dress over my head and zipped me up. The dress, also was skin tight in some areas, starched and seriously not my style. Still, I have to admit that I looked AMAZING in the damned thing. I was under instructions to smile and chat normally. If I pulled or adjusted my clothing in any way, I’d get punished again – immediately. He had already told his customer that I was having some “issues” which might need privacy and had been assured that one of the guest rooms would be available for our use. Since undoing all of the armour would take a while, I assumed Milord had something other than a spanking in mind.

You can bet your ass – or mine! – that I endured the discomfort of the clothing like a champ. You can also bet your ass that I will NOT be neglecting my wardrobe again.

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