Week of the Nips – Day 1

Milord decided that the week would be devoted to my breasts – well, primarily. A whole week!! I swear, there is a nerve that runs straight from my nipples to my clit because every time looks at my breasts, let alone plays with them, I get wet. He warned me, thought, that I wouldn’t enjoy absolutely everything he had planned for me. Of that, I had no doubt. Did I use my safe word? Absolutely not!!

He began on Monday morning by by, as he often does, using my ass. I ADORE beginning my week like this! He is not gentle, but he’s not vicious, either! He uses lube and eases in before he goes to town. I’m usually left being exhausted by the orgasms I’ve enjoyed and filled with the proof of his enjoyment and a slightly tender bum hole. This time was much the same, except rather than turning me over onto my belly, he put my ankles on his shoulders. Right before my first orgasm, he clipped clothespins onto my nipples.

“When do they come off?” he asked, his voice rough.

“OMG. When.” Pant. “You take” Pant. “them off!” I stuttered.

These were pins we’d used before, so they were TIGHT, but also comfortable.

I came. Hard.

He laughed, bent down, almost bending me in half, pushed himself deep, and BIT the tiny part of my nipple exposed over the top of the pin. Then the other.

I came. Hard.

I begged him to come. BEGGED.

He took mercy and gave me what I needed.

He glanced at the clock and said, “Five more minutes. Stay put and keep your hands on your head.”

I obeyed, panting and REALLY wanting to touch myself. After five minutes, he released the pins while kissing me, swallowing my scream as the blood rushed back.

“Well done. Go shower and when you’re dry, call for me. Put your hands on your head.”

I looked at him questioningly, but did as he ordered.

He came into the bathroom holding a crop and I felt myself go pale.

“I want your nipples tender and sensitive all day. I know they’re a bit puffy now, but this is a training week. You won’t like this, but I’m guessing by Friday, you’ll love it. Ready?”

“Yes, Milord,” I answered quietly.

Five slaps to each nipple he gave me with the crop. By the time he finished, I was sobbing and wanted nothing more than to hug and rub my nips. He, however, was having none of that.

“Kneel, now, and use your hands. I expect both hands as well as your mouth on me.”

I did so. He tasted of water and smelled of soap. Soon, I was so engrossed in my work, I forgot about the pain of my nipples. He, naturally, didn’t come, but he certainly enjoyed her administrations.

“Well done, my love,” he praised her as he straightened his tie and finished dressing. “Now, keep your phone close today. Throughout the day I will text you and want pictures for proof. Make sure you respond promptly.”

He kissed me and left for work.

Two hour later, Milord texted me. “Put on the clips I left on my desk. Send me a pic.”

I did so. They were cushioned, but I still felt them as my nips were absolutely feeling the left over effects from this morning.

“Perfect. Now. Add one set of magnets. After twenty minutes, you may remove them. Do not masturbate. Send a pic.”

I did so. My nipples ached with need as did the rest of my body. By then, I was super aware of my nipples with every movement I made. I was home, as I now worked remotely, so Per our 2022 House rules and Milord’s express order, I was nude for the day. Probably the week.

About 5 minutes before Milord was expected home, he texted again. “I expect you standing with your hands on your head and the clips back on with all three magnets dangling by the time I walk in. Bonus if you have a glass of scotch waiting for me beside your kneeling form.”

And so it was. He came in, picked up his glass, and ignored me. I heard him sigh appreciatively after taking a sip, then unzip his trousers. I licked my lips in anticipation. He laughed then ordered me to worship. No hands.

I looked up at him and opened my mouth, accepting the give of his magnificent cock. As I sucked, he flicked my swollen nipples with his fingertips. I flinched, but knew my place, so continued to worship his cock, sucking it down into my throat and keeping my tongue tight against his length. Abruptly, he pulled out.

I looked up at him, questioningly, and he ground out, “Turn around and bend. I want your ass in the air.”

I obeyed. A moment later, he was plunging his cock deep inside of my puss, fucking me with all the pent up frustration that I desperately needed. I came. Over and over again. In the middle of riding a wave, he reached beneath me and unclipped both clamps. I screamed from both the pain and pleasure of it. He palmed both of my breasts, squeezing them tight, as he emptied himself inside of me.

Later, while enjoying a simple dinner (me still naked), he said, “You know, tomorrow is going to be a repeat of today, just a bit more intense, right?”

I swallowed my roasted chicken and said, “Yes, Milord. I do.”

He reached over and pinched an already tender nipple between his fingers. He held on as he ate a bit more and, after he had chewed and swallowed his food, responded, “I’ve been planning this week for a long, long time.”

I grinned, and answered, “Good. Then I have a lot to look forward to.”

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