Out with the Old

In honor of New Year's Eve, Milord is taking me out tonight. However, I must prepare, or rather, he must first prepare me. Preparations actually started last week when he scheduled three - count them - three appointments for me with a colon hydrotherapy place nearby. This morning was my third and final appointment. Milord … Continue reading Out with the Old

2018 BDSM Christmas – 3

"So, did you enjoy the trip?" Mister asked. I blushed and nodded, saying, Very much, Sir." He laughed as he lifted our suitcase out of the trunk. I wobbled a bit following him into the house. He noticed and laughed again. I grinned. "Clara!" my mother in law crooned. "You look positively glowing! I can … Continue reading 2018 BDSM Christmas – 3

2018 BDSM Christmas – 2

We arrived at Mister's brother's house and were warmly greeted. Both Matt and his wife also practice BDSM, so when I winced when I sat down on the hard wooden chair Mister held out for me, they gave each other and me knowing looks. I blushed and grinned. We enjoyed a light dinner, some lovely … Continue reading 2018 BDSM Christmas – 2

The Hidden Room, the christening

He made the bed with all sorts of lovely attachments. Innumerable tie down points, a sturdy metal bar across the top, a retractable "lead", stock like openings for either arms or legs. In order to be sure, He said, that the bed was fine as it was and did not need any refinements, He would … Continue reading The Hidden Room, the christening