Milord’s Gathering of Friends

As per our 2022 House rules, Once a month Milord will host a dinner party for lifestyle friends. Guests will be allowed to observe or participate in any preapproved (by Milord with my consent) activity with me sans anal sex. My anus is for Milord or such implements as he chooses alone.

Milord prepared me for his June Gathering by lacing me into a beautiful Corset.

Just to remind his guests (and me) of the sanctity of my anus, he plugged it with a jeweled, larger metal plug. He also clipped my clit and had me on all fours as he greeted his guests. True to form, they small talked among themselves first then occasionally offered comments regarding me such as “she’s very eager” and “that ass is begging to be reddened” and “Love the tight corset!”

Naturally, I did not speak, but hearing these words made my heart go thumpity thump and my “eagerness” become all the more visible.

“Thank you,” Milord responded. “I’m very please you all enjoy my Woman. How would you like to begin enjoying her even more? She is yours to command.”

“Head down, ass up, Woman” was the first command. I obeyed. Master King began by warming up my ass with his hand. He had the softest touch and was very much into sensual play. I loved when he began the games. He took his time, making sure both globes and upper thighs where nicely stinging while the other men chatted amongst themselves. He then ran a single finger down my slit and gave the clip a firm tug. I moaned.

“Seems you’re ready,” he stated as he pulled the clip loose. I squealed as the blood rushed back to my very hard, very sensitive nub. He kneeled behind me and quickly plunged his cock deep into my weeping pussy. As he fucked, he continued to spank me, now with more firmness and velocity. I moaned again and came all over his cock. He grasped my hips, pulled me back against him and emptied himself deep within me. (Milord insists that if any man use me without a condom, he come to the gathering with a clean bill of health!)

I heard cheers and applause and I worked to catch my breath. I knew this was just the first of many orgasms I would both receive and orchestrate.

“Let’s get her on the bench,” Master Bernard said. He grasped me by the waist and slowly helped me rise. I caught Milord’s eyes and he smiled approvingly. I was laid on my back on the spanking bench, legs, waist and arms strapped into place so that I was unable to move much more than my head. Master Bernard procured a pair of nipple clips and attached them roughly. He, unlike Master King, was much more of a sadist.

“Joseph, why don’t you and her Lord occupy her available holes for a while,” he suggested. Milord, never liking sloppy seconds, claimed my mouth while Master Joseph, who adored a well lubed pussy, quickly inserted his shockingly long and wide cock into my swollen puss. While so deliciously occupied, Master Bernard began slapping my breasts, sometimes striking the clipped nipples. Tears ran down my face and the intoxicating sensations of both pain and pleasure sent me deep into sub space and I came over and over.

Eventually, Master Bernard yanked off the clips and began using a suede flogger on my breasts. I couldn’t possibly tell you when that happened, but only remember Master Joseph crying out as he pulled out to spray my body with his hot cum, searing my aching, tender breasts. As soon as he finished, Master Bernard plunged into my gapping pussy and filled it again.

My greatest joy, however, came when Milord also pulled out of my mouth to cover my face and neck with his precious cream.

I was exhausted, having lost count of the number of times I had come, but knowing I had successfully pleased Milord and his guests. They left me in place, allowing their combined cum to drip from my pussy as well as dry on my body, face, and corset. I looked up at Milord, smiling, content.

“Well done, Woman,” he praised. “Satisfied?”


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