The Disciplinarian: On Your Knees

I arrived at the hotel on time. I was late once The Disciplinarian and learned my lesson. Actually, I was ten minutes early, but did not enter the room until the EXACT time He had decreed. He has threatened to put a camera in the room, and I'm not sure if He has or hasn't. I gave … Continue reading The Disciplinarian: On Your Knees

Five ways to Show your Dominance in Public

 Touch her/him. A hand on the shoulder or the small of the back is all it takes. Pay the bill. YOU take care of her/him, not the other way around. However, if your submissive wishes to treat you, let her/him. A generous heart know how to accept a gift. Use "old school" manners. Let your … Continue reading Five ways to Show your Dominance in Public

5 ways to show him RESPECT in public

 Dress in a way that pleases him but is also appropriate for the occasion and comfortable for you. There is nothing demeaning in choosing appropriate clothing that you know He will like. Allow him to be a Gentleman: open doors for you, assist you in ways you may not NEED, but shows His desire and … Continue reading 5 ways to show him RESPECT in public

Final Spring Punishment – 3

Final Spring Punishment    Final Spring Punishment – 2 I spent the rest of the day going about my regular chores. My ass was tender all day and I figured it would be the next day as well. What I hadn't counted on was after dinner when I offered Milord fellatio and he accepted, was … Continue reading Final Spring Punishment – 3

Pride Month – Personal Perspective (Non-fiction)

Am I the only one who thinks this whole "_____ Month"' has gotten a bit out of hand? We now have Pride Month, Black History Month, Asian American History Month, Irish American History month, Heart Disease awareness month, Autism Awareness Month, Alzheimer's Awareness month (which is near and dear to my heart), Breast Cancer awareness … Continue reading Pride Month – Personal Perspective (Non-fiction)