Challenge: No metal “attachers”

Milord has set up a month long challenge for me. No zippers, hooks, snaps, or anything else made out of metal which attaches clothing together (grommets are the exception!). Not on any clothing. At first, I thought this would be easy, but do you have any idea how many articles of clothing have metal?? Find … Continue reading Challenge: No metal “attachers”

Day 8 into the 24/7 life

Of course I rebelled! After five days of being denied an orgasm despite giving him at least two every day I had had enough. I mouth off, yelled, screamed, and clawed at the fucking chastity belt. Ri' just let me dig myself into a deeper and deeper hole. When I finally calmed down, he began … Continue reading Day 8 into the 24/7 life

On becoming a 24/7 lifer

Twenty one days. Twenty one full days of chastity. Twenty one full days of 24/7 lifestyle. Twenty one full days of strict rule following and even stricter punishment. Yes, we are fully aware that it generally takes MORE than 21 days to form a habit, but this is where Ri' has decided we will begin. … Continue reading On becoming a 24/7 lifer