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Personal Opinion Blog

Walk for Alzheimer’s

My mother suffered for 30 years with dementia. I won’t go into the gruesome details, but it was horrific. by the end of her life, she not only forgot her family, but how to read, write, and even eat. Please consider donating to the Alzheimer’s Association. If you need a link, feel free to donate to my team. Thank you.


June 25, 2022

WTF is going on in this world??? Guns are okay – necessary even, but a person’s right to control her own body is not???? Forest fires and droughts are LITERALLY causing our world to burn up, but let’s just keep on using all those fossil fuels (I am absolutely guilty of this as well, but at least I do own a Tesla!) and making more waste. Children absolutely cannot be subjected to even knowing about or seeing same sex, loving couples kiss or a drag queen reading stories at the library, but we do nothing to protect them – or at least not enough – while they are supposed to be safe at school. Erotic romance is pornographic, but reading vicious murder stories is perfectly fine. Okay, this last is not a HUGE problem, but it does speak to the moralistic values of society.

I really want to build a blanket fort and bring my wine and crayons, but then I would be part of the problems as well. Ignoring the issues that have caused our world to be in crisis is not the answer. Making my voice heard MIGHT help, but it might not. Because I write erotica and because I am a woman mean that my voice is of little value. Nonetheless, I WILL NOT keep silent. I WILL vote. I WILL post my opinion which is my constitutional right – at least for now, anyway.

Welcome to Gilead.


June 15, 2022

Not everyone likes summer. Here in the midwest the temperature can swing from 50 degrees one day to 102 the next. Literally (and I know how to use that word in a non metaphorical way!). We can experience beautiful calm weather one moment and tornadic activity the next. Mosquitos, gnats, Mayflies, spiders, sugar ants, and other lovely pests abound. Sweat pools beneath your breasts (okay, for some of us anyway), pits, groin, between toes, and every other nook and cranny. Also, as a person of Celtic background, I have two colors during the summer – well, sometimes three – blinding white, lobster red, and tan (shhhh – I’m never really tan. My freckles just kinda join together.).

Still, I adore summer. Shorts, sundresses, sandals, swimsuits, floppy hats, flowing skirts, tanks, and not much else are the uniforms of summer. Long summer nights with a glass of wine in my hand sitting on a porch swing or lawn chair and holding hands with my husband. Fresh fruit and veggies. NOT shivering due to the cold. Hanging with friends. Shakespeare in the Park. Outside music Venues. I love each and every one of these.

My opinion – we must suffer through winter in order to enjoy the pleasures of summer because if we lived in summer 24/7, how could we possibly understand and appreciate all it has to offer?