Sexual Assault

This is, as the category states, NON-FICTION. People have asked me why I write BDSM. It's about abuse, right? WRONG.  There are several key aspects of the lifestyle which differentiate it from abuse. First and foremost is consent. Each party consciously, with full knowledge, and with shared expectations, gives consent for each and every act … Continue reading Sexual Assault

BDSM on a Budget – His Date

Kyle planned carefully, knowing he'd have to put on his A game if he were to "beat" Jenny's budget date of last night. Putting the finishing touches on dinner, he was pretty sure he'd be the winner. Jenny rang the doorbell at 6:00 p.m., right on time. He opened it, handed her one long stemmed … Continue reading BDSM on a Budget – His Date

BDSM on a Budget – Her Date

Jenny fumed. Kyle had bet her that he could plan an evening of pure enjoyment and luxury - a fabulous date - better than she. Of course he could - he made three times the amount of money he could! So, she'd purposed that they each could spend only a certain amount. Kyle agreed and … Continue reading BDSM on a Budget – Her Date

Religion and Sex

There's been a bit of a rumble lately regarding the place off religion in the bedroom, particularly with BDSM and Domestic Discipline. I'm not about to give a definitive answer because just about the only thing more personal than sex is religion. My thoughts, which are representative of only my thoughts, are as varied on … Continue reading Religion and Sex

Following Rules – Free the Nips

So one of my Summer Rules 2017 is that my nipples be clamped every morning and that I am not allowed to wear a bra unless specifically given permission. I don't really like this on hand because my nipples are ridiculously large (my opinion, not Milord's!) and I find the looks from other people embarrassing. On the … Continue reading Following Rules – Free the Nips