St. Andrew’s Day Reprimand

Syd stood back, hands behind her back, feet shoulder width apart, head and eyes down, and tried to listen attentively while Sir calmly explained why she would be reprimanded. She knew EXACTLY why she was being reprimanded. Her heart was as heavy as lead, filled with her own disappointment in herself. Today at lunch, she'd … Continue reading St. Andrew’s Day Reprimand

5 things I’m grateful for – Non-fiction

Yep. You read that right - Non-fiction. this is the real me. If you are a regular reader, you might have picked up on a few things from my life which were - well - unfortunate. That said, I truly believe that if one cannot truly appreciate the wonderful without having, in some way, experienced … Continue reading 5 things I’m grateful for – Non-fiction

Week of the Nips – Day 1

Milord decided that the week would be devoted to my breasts - well, primarily. A whole week!! I swear, there is a nerve that runs straight from my nipples to my clit because every time looks at my breasts, let alone plays with them, I get wet. He warned me, thought, that I wouldn't enjoy … Continue reading Week of the Nips – Day 1

Tightening up My Rules

New Rule: Wear ONLY matching lingerie, including a waist cincher or corset, while at work. When with Milord, only an under breast corset may be worn. Milord requires full access to all my “tasty bits” at any time. 2022 House rules I was getting lax about my corset/waist cincher rule by tightening the laces only … Continue reading Tightening up My Rules

National Humiliation Day Part 2 (2022)

I awoke to the sound of a camera clicking away. I moaned and tried to bury myself under the covers. I knew Milord wouldn't be sharing these pics with anyone but us, but still! He yanked all the blankets from me, scolding me for hiding my body from him. "Ass up, head down," he ordered. … Continue reading National Humiliation Day Part 2 (2022)

Marked as His

"Are you sure?" Damon asked, small pliers at the ready. "I am," Missy strongly stated. With a few adroit movements, Damon secured the pearl necklace around his submissive's neck. It was lovely, encircling her delicate throat comfortable, with no way aside from snipping the metal links to remove it. Missy touched the collar with hesitant … Continue reading Marked as His