Tightening up My Rules

New Rule: Wear ONLY matching lingerie, including a waist cincher or corset, while at work. When with Milord, only an under breast corset may be worn. Milord requires full access to all my “tasty bits” at any time.

2022 House rules

I was getting lax about my corset/waist cincher rule by tightening the laces only just enough. Barely enough, actually. Milord, naturally, noticed and let me go for a bit – you know – giving enough to rope to – you get the idea.

This morning he’d had enough of my laxness. After my morning shower, he called me into the bedroom and made it VERY clear – with the help of a heavy hand to my posterior that he had, in fact, noticed the looseness of my laces. I’m not in waist training or anything like that, but the laces really should be tight enough for support and good posture!

Once my bum was properly punished and I’d be sitting daintily all day, Milord had me stand in front of him while he wrapped a new corset around me. It fits snuggly under my breasts and has a unique lacing patter in the back. Milord continued to scold me, which made me cry (deservedly so!) from shame. Why would I think to intentionally break a rule I FREAKING AGREED TO!!!???

Anyway, Milord laced the back – PROPERLY. Yes, I could breathe easily, but I couldn’t bend at the waist easily. This, he assured me, was ALL I would be wearing for the rest of the day. Every few hours he would check the tightness and adjust as needed. As one wears a corset, one’s body becomes accustomed to it and the laces sometimes slip. He would make sure that didn’t happen. I would, though, be wearing the corset for at least 8 hours.

Further, each time it needed adjusting, I was to ask – ASK! – for a reminder to make sure my undergarments were being worn properly. The first time – two hours later – this happened, he had me place my hands on the wall, step back, lean (as I couldn’t bend at the waist!) and thank him for the ten strokes of his belt.

Two hours later and after a second adjustment, he had me spread my legs wide while he inserted a plug generously lubed with ginger paste. NOW I was crying!! He, however, was gleeful! So gleeful that he had me kneel and worship his cock. Okay, so maybe the taste of his cock helped to ease the burn. And maybe the fact that he came down my throat made the next 20 minutes of burning agony of the ginger absolutely worth it.

He kept the plug in me until my final adjustment three hours later. For that reminder, he attached clips to my nips, bent me over the kitchen table, and used my ass for his pleasure (mine as well!). How can I both love and hate when he uses my ass in such a humiliating, punishing way? This was no gently ass loving. This was a hard, forceful, “I own your ass” fucking! I loved every moment of it. The humiliating part? Once he came inside of me, I had to stay in position – wide legged – until his cum slowly dripped out of me. I was so embarrassed I cried! Only after he allowed me to stand again did he remove the clips. Now, my nips were on fire!

“Look at that mess,” Milord said in a very matter of fact way. “On your knees now. I’ve filled a bucket with soapy water for you so you can clean it up.”

Because of the tightness of the corset, this task was quite a challenge. However, I managed it and then – of my own volition – thanked Milord for helping me to understand that when I make a mess (of any kind), it is my responsibility to clean it up.

Eight hours later, I was more than ready to be free of both the corset and the punishment – which I both deserved and, somewhat, enjoyed. Did I enjoy it enough to go all lax again? Nope! I absolutely would make sure I was good and tight from now on.

This morning when I was getting ready for work, Milord handed me the same corset again. He did, however, allow me to tighten the laces with the warning that if they weren’t to his satisfaction, I’d be wearing a plug TO WORK all day. You can be sure that I was properly, but not uncomfortably, laced.

“Milord?” I asked after he gave his approval.


“Even though I learned my lesson yesterday, do you think it might be wise, just for a little reinforcement, for a reminder spanking before I finish getting dressed?”

He threw his head back and laughed, sat on the bed and patted his lap. “You really are shameless, aren’t you?” he asked as his hand came down on my upturned bottom.

“I am,” I agreed. “And you wouldn’t want me any other way.”

3 thoughts on “Tightening up My Rules

  1. Punishments are great to read about and you write about them regularly and very well.
    You tend to write about the things I love and I really appreciate it.
    I would love to read a fairly detailed account of a punishment spanking from the miscreant ‘s view
    sometime if and when you choose to write one.
    Thanx bunches for this great post!! I love your stories

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a great story. I love their dynamic so much. My husband is away on business this week, I miss him a lot and your story just put me in such a good mood. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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