Pick A Box – 2

Janice stared intently at the two remaining box, uncertain. Finally, she pointed to the largest. "Open it." Biting her lip, she did as Clark said. When she saw the plug that would be inside of her for at least 7 hours, she gave a little hiccup. If she thought yesterday had been challenging, this would … Continue reading Pick A Box – 2

Acts of Public Submission

Now for the list of suggestions to show your submission while in public (Again, I'm using the pronoun He for the dominate and She for the sub, but this is simply an act of convenience.).  Never criticize or argue in public. If you disagree, hold your tongue until you're in private. Smile at him often … Continue reading Acts of Public Submission

Fall Rules – Fiction

Milord has decided that because he has a new job and mine has gone cray-cray, we need to simplify our lives. I totally agree. As a result, we are downgrading our Fall rules from our regular 10 to 5. Ten was becoming cumbersome, and many of the rules were repeated every season. Therefore, we now … Continue reading Fall Rules – Fiction

Shared by Him

Every once in a while, He decides that He wants to share me - usually with strangers. Strangers to me, anyway. He has already vetted them. I don't particularly like this, being fingered, rubbed, and sometimes fucked by strange condom covered dicks. I don't particularly enjoy opening my mouth to accept an unknown cock. In … Continue reading Shared by Him