T is for Training

I know to the Vanilla groups, training sounds archaic. But if you think about it, we train our bodies and minds in many ways - exercise, suduko, learning new skills. Really, that's all Submissive Training really is - learning a new skill. In this blog post, a woman decides to go to  The Disciplinarian in order … Continue reading T is for Training

S is for submissive

I don't like when people, some even within the lifestyle, believe that a submissive is a weaker person, one whose purpose is to serve unconditionally. This is totally false. Submissives do not suffer from low self esteem, inferiority complex, acceptance of abuse, or any other mental illness any more than the rest of the population. … Continue reading S is for submissive

Training her Ass – Finale

The intensive part of training Clara's has has been completed. After only one rebellion, Clara and I are both well pleased with the result. For her part, not only does she no longer fear anything anal, but eagerly looks forward to having her ass taken. If that's what it takes to keep my lady happy, … Continue reading Training her Ass – Finale

Q is for Quirt

"The falls on a quirt are made of leather, usually cow hide. The core of the quirt can be a leather bag filled with lead shot; the main part including the handle is often made from braided rawhide, leather, or kangaroo hide and is usually somewhat stiff but flexible." Originally, a quirt was used to help motivate a horse … Continue reading Q is for Quirt

Training her Ass – Part 2

So far, Clara has done remarkably well with her training. We began slowly with the beads, then with the same beads but for an extended time, then on the third day I inserted the smallest plug. She cringed at this, but after a few orgasms, accepted it easily enough. I kept it inside of her … Continue reading Training her Ass – Part 2

P is for Play party

So there are parites - gathering of friends or friends of friends where drinks, conversation, and food is often shared. Sometimes there's music, sometimes games. At an Adult Play Party, much of the same is true, except the games are far more of a sexual nature. Despite what people think, a Play part is NOT … Continue reading P is for Play party

N is for Negotiation

Fifty Shades got some things right - negotiation was one of them, althought the follow through wasn't quite there IMHO. Negotiation is a term used to explain the discussion before play. These negotiations can be as simple as saying "I like this but I don't like that." to a formal contract clearly defining soft limits, … Continue reading N is for Negotiation