Nine Strokes

NATURALLY, I screwed up. 2022 House rules. Milord got home a little early today and there I was. Gardening. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt AND with half a glass of wine on the patio. I didn’t even try to talk my way out of trouble.

He just pointed to the house. I stripped out of my clothes, left them on the back patio, and went to the Punishment Room. I stood in a corner for a very long time just waiting for him to come in and start my punishment. He likes to make me wait so that I can think about my willful behavior. FINALLY, I heard the door open and his slow footsteps as he walked over to the cabinet which held the implements.

“I have a few questions before we begin.”

I sighed, but accepted. I could lie, but where’s the fun, not to mention, the respect in that. I love and respect Him FAR too much to lie to him.

“How long have you been wearing clothing?”

I licked my suddenly dry lips and glanced over at the wall clock. “About four hours, Milord.”


“And that glass of wine. Was it your first?”


“How full was the glass?”

oh lord. “To the top, Milord.”

“So based on what was left, and the oversized glass, you drank about how many ounces?”

I KNEW he had measured. I needed to think to be accurate.

“About 4?”


“Close. It was five ounces. Lie on the bed face down, hands tucked beneath you.”

I obeyed. That was when I saw the cane in his hand. OMFG!!

“Was this the first time you have broken the rule of wearing clothing on our property?”

“No, Milord.”

“Was this the first time you’ve drunk wine without my being present?”

“Yes, Milord.” My words were muffled by my position on the bed.

“For your honesty, I will only punish you for today. What is 4 plus 5?”

“Nine, Milord.”

“Then nine strokes it will be. Do not move from your position. If you do, I will start the count over even if we are on the last. You may cry out, but no movement, not even kicking your feet. I expect you to take your punishment appropriately.”

Nine strokes later, I was sobbing from the pain of the stripes but more so from the shame of breaking my rules. However, I was also proud that I had not, in fact, moved. Howled, cried, screamed – yes. Moved – no.

“Well done. Now, turn over. I’m going to fuck you. Not make love to you, but fuck you. Hard and rough. Those stripes will be rubbing against the rough sheets to make sure you feel them. You may come, as always, but I will not be gentle.”

Milord, bless him, was true to his word. He entered me fast and hard. He pinched my nipples until I thought they would break off between his strong fingers. My ass and thighs chafed from the sheets. I came four times before he blessed me with his hot cum which he shot deep inside of my body.

After, he held me in his arms as my sobs became whimpers which became no more then sniffles.



“Thank you.”

“For not letting me get by with anything. I’m so sorry for breaking rules I agreed to. For disappointing you.”

“It’s all forgotten now, my love.”

“Yes, and thank you for that as well.”

5 thoughts on “Nine Strokes

  1. I know this is your fictional story but I would like to interject a hypothesis if I may:
    She had to disobey him in order to confirm or allay 2 insecurities that were plaguing her:
    1) that he would let her slide which would indicate a possible loss of consistency and thus a loss of interest and commitment to her.
    2). that he wouldn’t quickly and completely forgive her for her misdeeds. Failure to do this might indicate she was getting on his nerves and he was starting to resent her.
    She knew there was a strong possibility of quite painful punishment but she was more than willing to take that chance to ease her fears. In fact, I believe her love for him grew that day as a result of his consistent and loving ( although exceedingly painful ) confirmation of his deep care for her.
    The only question is whether or not she was consciously aware of why she broke the rules. She loved him deeply enough to sacrificially
    relieve her insecurities whether it was consciously or not. Either way What a special woman he found!!
    A great post!! Thanx for sharing this!


  2. I love how this is written in the third person but with a sense of personal connection to the reader. Especially us submissives. We can all relate to having been on the receiving end of having our transgressions corrected by our Dominants. Thank you for yet another wonderfully written piece ❤️

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