24 hours of total surrender

You're sure, absolutely sure you want to give me full control of you for the next 24 hours? I am Galatia stated. "I will still respect your safeword, but otherwise, you will be punished if you disobey me." I would expect so. With this assurance of her consent, I began our evening. First, she would shower, … Continue reading 24 hours of total surrender

Vacay Punishment

Autumn Rules 2019 We are on VACAY!!! In the tropics. Nonetheless, my Rules still apply. Luckily, Milord has booked us into an ADULTS ONLY/CLOTHING OPTIONAL/LIFESTYLE FRIENDLY resort. It's amazing. This morning, for example, I went to a pier to do my yoga. Milord went with me and, while I was yogaing (is that a word?) … Continue reading Vacay Punishment