Failing Milord’s Test

That sneaky, strict, sexy man! He set me up. He totally set me up.

When my friend, Julia, asked if I would like to grab dinner for a Girls’ Night Out, I obviously said yes. Milord never sets rules for which friends I can see or when. He only asks to be informed – which is reasonable in any relationship. Sometimes, like this night, Milord will ask if I would like a little reminder. I ADORE his reminders, so I said yes.

He had me bend over the bed while he spanked my ass rosy. I was moaning and dripping, so he graciously obliged by lubing up my ass and giving me a phenomenal orgasm or three while he fucked it, finally filling me up with his own cream. Just for an added “reminder”, he inserted my most comfortable plug, telling me that the tender and full ass should be a good way for me to remember my rules. He helped me dress by tightening up my waist cincher and zipping up my dress, then kissed me and told me to be good and have fun.

Was I good? OF COURSE FUCKING NOT!! And Julia, another submissive and my friend, was in on my little test. What did I do? I drank a glass of wine. As per our 2022 House rules, I am only allowed to drink from Milord’s cup. She even snapped a picture of me sipping when I wasn’t looking and sent it to Milord!! I’d be angry with her, but I DID break the ruled. As another submissive, she had no choice but to follow her dominant’s rule – which was to keep an eye on me! She didn’t even suggest I get the wine! I ordered the wine with no thought of my agreed to rules!! So, breaking the rule was totally on me.

Needless to say, Milord was unhappy when I arrived home. He asked me how my evening was with THAT glint in his eyes, so I didn’t bother to lie. I confessed – which saved me one full day of punishment. For the next four days was subjected to (ok, that’s a harsh word especially since I totally deserved it.) the following:

  • Servicing Milord’s cock every morning (YUM!)
  • After showering, bending over the bed for 25 swats with a belt, leather paddle, or slapper
  • Milord inserting a somewhat uncomfortable plug in my anus
  • Going to work in this state
  • Coming home, stripping, bending over the bed and waiting for Milord
  • Accepting ANOTHER 25 swats after which Milord would remove the plug
  • I would then be allowed to expel. If my body wasn’t cooperating, I would have to administer an enema and stay in the bathroom until said expulsion occurred.
  • Return to the bedroom, kneel on the bed, forehead down, ass up. Milord would then use my ass for HIS pleasure. If I came, (which I did twice), he would hand spank my lady parts ten times.

Today, on the fifth day, my first without punishment, I have to admit that I rather miss part of his requirements. I do NOT miss not being allowed to come! However, I do miss, or perhaps I’m grateful for, the feeling of being humbled and held accountable by such an incredible man.

Yes, Milord set me up. Yes, he is strict. Yes, I would have it no other way.

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