New House Rules 2023

Milord and I decided to completely revamp rather than just edit our 2022 House rules. It’s been a year and high time to shake things up again. We actually began these rules a month ago and I’ve broken Rule 5 a number of times. More on that in a later post.

Last year’s rules revolved heavily around my outer body and what I had on it or, in the case of alcohol, in it. In all truth, I rarely drink on my own now and have gotten into the habit of only drinking what Milord orders for me or gives me at home, so we don’t really need that one. So, this year’s rules will be more focused on what is IN me rather than ON me.

Rule 1: In an effort to be healthier, I will exercise in a manner of my choosing – yoga, walking, jump rope, etc.- at least 20 minutes per day.

Rule 2: Because we both feel better for doing this, we will follow, most days, the Mediterranean diet. As I am in charge of home meals and grocery shopping, I will stock the pantry and refrigerator with appropriate choices.

Rule 3: As Milord demands access to my ass at any time, I will have a plug inserted daily for a minimum of one hour so that I am stretched out enough to easily accommodate him with minimal distress. Rules 1 and 2 should help with any constipation issues, but if that should occur, I am to report it to Milord immediately so that he can decide a remedy for the situation.

Rule 4: Unless with family, I will refer to Milord whether in public or private only with the following Monikers. Milord, Sir, Husband, Mr. Carrington, My Love, Master. When with family, I may use his first name.

Rule 5: No more twitter or tiktok.

You might wonder about rule 5, but the truth is, that was my idea. I find that I waste HOURS of time scrolling these two social sites and it’s ridiculous. I need this rule to overcome my addiction to these.

I love these rules as they address both physical and mental discipline. Naturally, an unwritten rule has always and will always be that if given an order, I will absolutely obey unless I use my safeword and discuss the command with Milord.

Any suggestions for adaptations or additional summer rules? Write them in the comments.

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