Y is for Yes

Yes is an extremely powerful word. It implies permission and acceptance - two very different, but companionable ideas. The who says this (or doesn't say it) also holds a great deal of power. This, dear readers, is a shared responsibility between the Dom and Sub; Top and Bottom; Master/Mistress and slave. Any relationship, not just … Continue reading Y is for Yes

X is for Xenophilia

Xenophilia - one who is sexually excited by strangers. Hmmmm. Maybe this partially explains the allure of the one night stand bar hook-up. As with everything else, if this is your thing, use common sense as regards your safety. Better yet, let the "stranger" be unknown to you, but NOT to the arranger, possibly your … Continue reading X is for Xenophilia

V is for Vanilla

Let's be honest, there's absolutely nothing wrong with vanilla. In fact, most people find the scent comforting and the flavor delightful. In the BDSM world, Vanilla is also perfectly fine. For us, though, it means sexual/romantic activity lacking kinkiness. No "Sirs", paddles, cuffs, hair pulling, blindfolds, or other accoutrements. It's holding hands, kissing gently, slow … Continue reading V is for Vanilla

U is for Uniform

By definition, a uniform is a distinctive type of clothing worn for the purpose of identification. Many people enjoy wearing uniforms for both BDSM/kinky purposes or in the course of their jobs. After all, who hasn't heard about the mythical "man in uniform" scenerio or the French Maid's uniform. Clothing says a lot about us. … Continue reading U is for Uniform