Strip Poker with Milord

As per our 2022 House rules Milord invited a few of his friends to the house. To my surprise, he had me dress in matching lingerie, a button shirt, a long black peasant skirt, and sandals. I did my hair and make-up, then served as hostess. I was allowed only to ask our guests questions or answer theirs with as much brevity as possible. The five other me, naturally, would know of this restriction and, if I broke any of these requirements, have an implied permission from Milord to administer corrective enticements.

As the men arrive, I took their coats and offered them beverages. Milord had set up the poker table, so I had already set up a buffet of snacks and cold foods for the gentlemen. Milord had me stand by the buffet. Then wrapped a silk scarf over my eyes. I could hear as they all soon settled to the table and began to play. Milord won the first hand.

“My friends, this is a type of strip poker. You may, of course, remove a piece of your clothing, or you may remove a piece of Mae’s clothing. The choice is yours. If you choose Mae, you may either remove it yourself in a manner of your choosing, or you may tell her to do so.”

The men eagerly agreed, especially when Milord took a pair of scissors from a box which, I assumed, held various implements, and cut my skirt from my body. I was, however, annoyed. This was one of my favorites! I huffed and said “but” before Milord spun me around, bent me over his chair, and walloped my ass with his hand.

“I was hoping she’d forget her edict on speaking,” he jokingly said to his guests who all agreed and laughed. I was humiliated and so excited I could smell my own musk. Milord finally ended the spanking with a quick swipe of my slit to show to his friends. They actually applauded!

By the end of five rounds, I was completed nude. Losing my bra was the worst. Master Matthew – I knew his voice well – had chosen that article of clothing before my blouse. He had me raise my hands above my head and cut the buttons from my blouse. Then, he pulled my bra cups down so that my breasts were exposed. He pulled, pinched, and twisted one nipple until my blindfold was wet with tears then sliced through the two shoulder straps. He switched to the other nipple, gave it equally harsh treatment, and sliced the small strap over my sternum.

“Gentlemen, it seems poor Mae has run out of clothes. Would you all still like to continue the game?” Milord asked.

I bit my lip as all the men gave their approval.

“Well then. Whoever wins will now be able to decorate my poor, naked sub using anything in this box.” I heard a large thud and winced.

Six hands later, I was plugged, collared, labia and nipple clamped, and covered in magic marker writing. I was sure, by the smell of the marker, that this would not be washing off any time soon. I listened as Milord said his goodbyes to his friends, shut and lock the door, then step back into the dining room.

He placed one hand on the back of my neck and pulled me toward him. “You will not look at your body until tomorrow right before your shower. If you glance down, I will cane you.”

“Yes, Milord,” I whispered.

He kissed me then yanked the labia clamps free. He swallowed my scream, never lifting his mouth from mine, and inserted two fingers into my slick tunnel. I crumpled against him, the world now a mass of exploding color. He then pulled the nipple clamps off, his kiss deepening as I again lost the world to my own pleasure.

He picked me up and carried me to bed, making love to me until we both were well satisfied and exhausted. I slept with the plug still inside of me.

This morning, he rolled me over, lifted my hips and carefully removed the plug only to fill my ass again with his eager cock. I mean, who doesn’t love a magnificent cock in the ass in the morning! He took his time, making me wait, making himself wait for the pleasure to because too enticing for him to resist and he fill my trembling body with his essence.

Now, I can still see the faint writing on my body. “Milord’s Cum Sub”, “Pinch me”, “Property of Milord”, “Spank Hard”. I laughed, loving every phrase. I wonder what next month’s gather will entail.

One thought on “Strip Poker with Milord

  1. This is cool!!!
    I don’t know if I would let MY woman be the stripper but I shamefully admit I would love to be a player in that game!
    Thanx for posting this. I found it to be hot!
    You write very well!

    Liked by 1 person

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