Broken Rule #1


So recently I published our 2022 House rules. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for me to break one of the new rules. In February I was let go from my job as the business closed up. After a careful look at our finances, Milord and I decided that I could stay home and focus on my own creative interests and possibly open an on-line business myself. This has meant that I spend A LOT of time at home and must, therefore, be NAKED the entire time! It’s not really my fault (it IS totally my fault) that I forgot about the no clothing rule in early February. By the time I remembered, five hours had gone by. When Milord got home, I was naked and kneeling, head down. He knew something was up.

“What happened?”

After you left this morning, i put on a long skirt and t-shirt.

“For how long?”

Roughly five hours, Milord.

He didn’t say anything for a few minutes then lifted my chin with one finger.

“I’m very proud of you that you admitted this. It proves your commitment to the rules as well as your respect for me. Nonetheless, you will be punished for this slip up.”

I smiled a bit. I LOVE when he doesn’t let me get by with shit!

“Go get the Victorian Corset.”

I paled, but did as he instructed. This was a SERIOUS corset with actual bone boning.

I brought it to Milord and he had me stand and latch up the front. He tightened the back lacing – TIGHT!

“Bend over the couch.”

I did so. He then began to give me a punishment spanking. No warm up.

“Five minutes,” he said as the blows rained down on my ass. “Every hour for the next five hours you will be spanked.”

I sobbed, but couldn’t deny the wetness between my legs.

When the time was up, he held me, kissed me, then, when I was calm, told me to stand in the corner, hands against the wall. Once in place. HE TIGHTENED THE LACES AGAIN.

“After each spanking, you will stand here and I will adjust the laces. You will sleep in this corset tonight. Tomorrow morning, if you have taken your punishment like a good little sub, I’ll release you from this and reward you by making love to you. I bet you’ll be happy to stay naked all day, won’t you?”

Yes. Yes I was.

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