Week of Nipple Training – Thursday

Several days have passed and Beatrice and her nipples are coming along nicely. Her nipples are so sensitive now that all I have to do is breath on them and they harden. Today, I focused on enlarging her nipples. Before fucking her this morning, I attached nipple suction screws. I fucked her slowly, gently, taking my … Continue reading Week of Nipple Training – Thursday

Week of Nipple Training – Monday

I awoke with a raging hard-on. Rolling over, Beatrice was awake, eyes open, and smiling at me. I pulled her to me, kissed her, and mounted her. I removed the loops from her nipples, pleased to see that they were still erect but not swollen. Bending my head, I suckled one side while pinching the … Continue reading Week of Nipple Training – Monday

Wifely Training – 2

Wifely training began with Bella strapped down to her personal bench. Count.   To what? Until I stop. The soft suede of the flogger brushed her raised bottom and she began to count. "This won't be so bad," she thought, but by the count of 20, she had changed her mind. With each stroke, the  intensity … Continue reading Wifely Training – 2

Wifely Training – 3

Bella stood, her back against the wall, hands on her head. Her ass was sore from the morning and nightly floggings, her bum hole filled with a rather large plug. Six days ago she could never have imagined standing like this. Now, all she wanted was to make sure she learned everything she possibly could … Continue reading Wifely Training – 3

Week of Nipple Training – Sunday

The line between training, torture, and pleasure is thin. I informed Beatrice on Sunday that I would very much like to train her nipples for the next seven days. I explained the details to her and asked if she agreed. She did. For the next seven days, we would focus on her nips. She would … Continue reading Week of Nipple Training – Sunday

National Rum Day Celebration

Today is National Rum Day In honor of this, Sir has decreed that we will be playing Pirate Ship. I am to dress in 18th century underclothing and a simple dress.  Sir drives us to the marina where he keeps his yacht. He has apparently already "hired" a "swabby" to assist - his friend Mister Adrian. As soon … Continue reading National Rum Day Celebration

Public obedience

I opened the box Milord sent to me. It came with a note:  STRIP OUT OF YOUR CLOTHING, ATTACH THIS GIFT APPROPRIATELY, PUT ON A SUNDRESS AND SHOES. MEET ME AT OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT AT 630. I blinked. Several questions popped into my mind. Was he serious?? (Of course he was!) Which favorite restaurant? As I followed … Continue reading Public obedience