BDSM Christmas

Despite having slept tied up, collared, and beneath the Christmas tree, I awoke this morning surprising refreshed.  Milord was standing above me, completely nude. My mouth (and pussy) watered at the sight of him. Slowly, he "unwrapped" his gift, freeing me from the loose ribbon bindings. He then spread my legs wide and tasted his … Continue reading BDSM Christmas

Fourth Sunday of Advent – Eve

Not only is today Christmas Eve, but it is also the fourth Sunday of Advent. Milord has decided that we will celebrate Christmas (Yule) tomorrow, but today is/was for our final Sunday of Advent. He began the day by making love to me. Slowly. Gently. Deeply. Thoroughly. No restrictions whatsoever. I felt well and truly … Continue reading Fourth Sunday of Advent – Eve

Winter Rules 2017-18

House Rules For a quick review of the House Rules, which are always in place, please click on the above link. These are five basic rules which Milord and I have agreed to. Seasonal rules, however change somewhat every, well, season. Winter officially begins on December 21, therefore, so do our Winter Rules. Winter Rules – … Continue reading Winter Rules 2017-18

Satisfied Submissive

Okay. So maybe I got what I deserved. It's not like I'm complaining -nope, not a whit. In fact, I'm rather relishing that lovely ache in my nether regions which reminds me that Mister has well and truly admonished my ass and then rewarded it for accepting said admonision without complaint. As stated before, I'm … Continue reading Satisfied Submissive

Third Sunday of Advent – Pink

Traditionally, on the third Sunday of Advent the pink candle is lit. This represents hope. In appreciate of this theme, Milord decreed that I would have a day of Hope - Hoping that is. He would be edging me all fucking day long. If I came without permission, I would be punished with a contrast … Continue reading Third Sunday of Advent – Pink

Second Sunday of Advent – Pony Play

Today, December 9, is not only the second Sunday of Advent, but also National Horse recognition day. Milord has combined both. Our Advent adventure began here in case you want the background.  The Sunday of Advent – Bondage This morning, I woke up as usual, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and found this … Continue reading Second Sunday of Advent – Pony Play