Milord’s Favorite Lingerie

As a reminder, 2022 House rules. I’ve been very good lately, so Milord decided to “reward” me by gifting me a matching set of “lingerie”. We were going out for the evening – nothing special – just dinner at our favorite local place and hanging with some vanilla friends after.

Nonetheless, Milord likes to prepare me before such evenings (YES!!!) just as reminder that even though it’s a 100% vanilla evening, I’m still HIS. Last night, I was, per our agreed upon house rules, nude when he arrived home from work. He hugged me, kissed me, tweaked my nipples until I was weak in the knees and dripping down my thighs, then bent me over the kitchen counter. That was when he told me we’d be going out with Kate and Joanie for dinner and drinks. I absolutely adore Kate and Joanie, but they are definitely NOT comfortable with BDSM so we always play it very cool around them.

To prepare me, Milord gathered my own wetness and a bit of good quality olive oil to lubricate my anus and his cock. He slowly entered me, allowing my body time to adjust to his girth, then fucked me so that the day’s frustration eased out of both of us with each powerful stroke. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him select a wooden spoon from the jar on the counter and murmured, “Yes. Please.”

He pulled out. I screamed “NO!” which he ignored. Five well placed slaps of the spoon on each cheek later and he was back in. He fucked me for a bit and just when I was on the verge of explosion, he pulled out again. Five more hard slaps on each cheek. Twice more he edged me before allowing both of us to find our fulfillment. By that time, my cheeks were on fire and slightly swollen, my anus stretched and tender, and my soul full of lightness. Once we had both calmed, he handed me the gift.

“Wear whatever you’d like tonight, just make sure you wear this beneath. Put it on now. You’ll need help adjusting it correctly,” he said. “Oh, the collar is for later. I want you to try it on now just to make sure it’s comfortable, but you won’t be wearing it in public.”

I hesitantly opened the package and grinned. After a bit of confusion and with Milord’s assistance, I put on the chain lingerie. Milord adjusted it so that the “bra” was tight enough not to slip and the “panties” were tight enough to stay in place between my nether lips. I can’t say it was comfortable but sure as hell was sexy! I would feel the metal every time I moved which meant that I would “feel” his ownership of me with every movement as well. I loved it.

Over this I tossed on a long boho style skirt, a black cashmere sweater, and stepped into my favorite black booties. I looked totally Vanilla.

“Remember, BDSM and TPE makes our friends uncomfortable. You will show no outward sign of either the spanking or your special lingerie. If you do, I will fuck only your ass for a week and not allow you to come,” he stated. I paled and nodded.

We had a fabulous evening with Kate and Joanie. They had no idea that while sitting at a bar, sipping a dirty martini (which Milord ordered for me), and laughing that Milord still had full possession of my body. The only comment came from Kate who told me that I looked glowing with happiness and asked what my secret was.

I grinned, grabbed Milord’s hand, and said, “Just knowing that I have someone who loves me unconditionally.”

2 thoughts on “Milord’s Favorite Lingerie

  1. I like this story. I was hooked from beginning to end. There was eroticism flowing throughout. There was submission ( my favorite aspect of bdsm) obedience and respect evident. And the that underlying theme of ownership. I love it.
    Ahhh to dream !
    Thanx for sharing!

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  2. I love this story. I love the feeling of “secret” possession. My husband frequently makes me wear a butt plug when we go out or have guests ad I love feeling his ownership of me. It makes me feel so loved and secure.

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