Would you rather?

I read this Here: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/92543148/posts/4725588243 So feel free to add your answers in the comments or your own site. I'd appreciate a link back so folks can keep the chain going and visit the other sites as well! Note: The answers are my own and do not in any way imply anything negative regarding anyone … Continue reading Would you rather?

Rule #5 – First punishment

ONE FREAKING DAY after agreeing to my new 2023 rules (Rule 5 was to keep off twitter and tiktok) I broke it. Of course, Milord would never have known if I hadn't confessed, but where's the fun or challenge of having rules if there's no consequence. Besides, I really do want to stop using those … Continue reading Rule #5 – First punishment

All about that A**

Felicity loved anal. She adored how "invaded" it made her feel, how completely submissive she became the moment He used her anus, how explosively she orgasmed whenever He used her anus for His pleasure or if He inserted something into it. That said, she absolutely hated anal punishments. The humiliation of such punishments, though, reinforced … Continue reading All about that A**