The FIFTH House Rule and my Punishment

2022 House rules I made a mistake. We always have FIVE house rules, but I posted only FOUR. When I remembered this, I immediately informed Milord. Who insisted I post the fifth rule. Then, naturally, I would receive a punishment for forgetting it in the original post.

New Rule: Either my Cat or Anus will be filled with a plug, yoni stone, or Milord’s cum each night while I sleep. As in previous rules, whatever “foreign” object Milord inserts, only he can remove or command me to remove.

We have, btw, been following this rule, I just didn’t post it. As a result, I am now, and have for the last three days, been filled with a plug 24/7. When I have to eliminate, I must go to Milord, kneel, ask permission, and perform fellatio as a form of gratitude. Once I am finished with my own bodily functions, I clean the plug, re-lube it, and Milord reinserts it. If this happens when Milord is not with me, I must text him for permission. Once giving, I will clean, lube, and reinsert. As soon as Milord is again with me, I will perform my gratitude.

Yes, this is humiliating, but so was forgetting to post, so the humiliation is definitely warranted. To ensure the plug doesn’t accidentally come out, I must also wear a locked harness. Yes, I have a key as does Milord, but I cannot use mine without permission. Sure, I could sneak it, but where’s the discipline in that!!!

It holds the plug in SNUGLY, but allows for access to my Cat and for easy peeing. I hate the thing, but at the same time, love it. Each morning, before dinner, and before bead, Milord extracts the plug and re-lubes it. Sometimes he switches the plug to a silicone one, a glass one, a metal one, a tiny one, a large one, a round one, or a penis shaped one. I never know what it will be. It is, after all, his decision, not mine.

Two more days of this, and I will be released. He’s already told me what my release ritual will entail. A spanking with his hand and at least one implement of his choice. (YUM!!) Naturally, despite my adoration of being spanking, he WILL make this a punishment one, so I probably won’t be sitting easy for a day or two after. I will then ride him until he decides otherwise; the more orgasms I have, the better. When I’m good and exhausted, he’ll attach clips to my nips, remove the plug and fuck my ass until he comes – the number of orgasms I have and my exhaustion/soreness level are immaterial.

Yes, this is a somewhat harsh punishment. Yes, I will be – and am – a bit sore. Yes, I am reminded every moment of my mistake. Yes, I deserve this. Yes, I could safeword out at any time. And finally, Yes, I am grateful and thrilled that Milord is a strict yet fair Dominant.

4 thoughts on “The FIFTH House Rule and my Punishment

  1. Your relationship of mutual trust governs your daily life, your honesty will always win in the end, i am sure Milord is proud of you for that. I am sure that your obedience gives Milord great satisfaction and comfort. Sir


  2. I really like this story! With me the more submissive the sub the hotter the story. She had internalized that the dominant was in control at all times. She had no say. He had the right and the authority to do to get whatever he chose.
    Furthermore she knew she had failed him and was resigned to punishment.
    That kind of submission,seeing things HIS way, resignation to his will turns me on and makes me desperately want to find a slave like that.
    This story resonates in me. Thank you for this post!

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  3. I love this story, it is so HOT. But what I love best about it is the dynamic between Milord and his wife/sub. The love and trust are so apparent, it is as warm and cozy a story as it is scorching hot.

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