Extended Time for breaking rules

Spring Rules 2018  You guessed it. I screwed up again. Really, it wasn't my fault this time. True, I was cutting it close coming home from my friend Josie's house, but how was I to know that construction the highway started yesterday and I'd be stuck in traffic for over 45 minutes. Sure, I told … Continue reading Extended Time for breaking rules

K is for Klismaphilia

How many of you have heard of this word?  I hadn't until I starting doing research for this series. According to Psychology Today it is a term coined by Dr Joanne Denko in the reporting of two case studies early 1970s ('klisma' is the Greek word for 'enema')—is a very unusual variant in sexual expression in which an … Continue reading K is for Klismaphilia

I is for insertable

That's right - insertable. Absolutely anything that can be SAFELY inserted and then SAFELY removed. Plugs, dildos, ginger, fingers, tongues, cocks, fists, popciles, soap, balls - you name it. Key word here is SAFELY - never, ever forget that. If you're trying something new, do your research. Make sure of any allergies or phobias - … Continue reading I is for insertable

G is for Grandmothering

This IS NOT GILF (grandmothers I'd like to fuck). It is about appearing in front of your grandmother in such a manner as she would approve of - at least on the outside.  Wearing a pretty, modest dress or other outfit, but beneath wearing whatever your Dominant choose you to wear. For example, wearing a … Continue reading G is for Grandmothering