A Man’s Responsibility

Sometimes, a Man needs to take control. Like tonight. Missy was ridiculously bitchy when I got home from work, crabbing about one thing then another. I waiting all through dinner for her to lighten up, but she never did, not even when I complimented her cooking - which was delicious! - took are of the … Continue reading A Man’s Responsibility

Caravan Cravings

Welcome to my Caravan! Yes, it's tiny. Yes, it's old fashioned. Yes, it's perfect! This is my sanctuary - well, OUR sanctuary really. This is where I can shed my well cared for and perfected persona of a highly respected intellectual and transform into my secret, inner self. Milord knew I had trouble focusing when … Continue reading Caravan Cravings

Caravan Crack Down

I've written of my caravan here. Yesterday, I became reminded of Milord's rules regarding my sanctuary. Yesterday, I was reminded my I need Milord. Yesterday, I broke the rules. Today, I'm grateful for Milord's strong hand, strong rules, and strong love. As per our agreement, I gave Milord his invitation asking him to come visit me at … Continue reading Caravan Crack Down

Top 100 Sex Blog Nominations for 2016 — cwa115’s Blog

Originally posted on Grind_'n'_Throb: Molly’s Daily Kiss is now accepting nominations for the Top 100 Sex blogs of 2016. The Rules: If you are a sex blogger, no nominating yourself! Each nomination MUST include the blog URL, not just a name The number of nominations any blog gets is not relevant to the outcome of… via … Continue reading Top 100 Sex Blog Nominations for 2016 — cwa115’s Blog