Things I’m Thankful for – the Submissive

 Nipple Jewelry! I suppose I should back up a bit and say that I'm grateful for my breasts and nipples. My mother had breast cancer 35 years ago, so first and foremost, I'm grateful to have escape cancer!!! As a submissive, I'm thankful that my Dominante enjoys playing with my breasts and often brings me … Continue reading Things I’m Thankful for – the Submissive

National Take A Hike Day (with a D/s twist)

So today, apparently is National Take a Hike Day. Naturally, we do just that - hike. But Master, of course, has a few things up his sleeve. First, let me assure you all that this is a semi- private area in which we hike. The forest is owned by Master and four of his friends, … Continue reading National Take A Hike Day (with a D/s twist)

Anytime, Anyplace He Chooses

Milord has, intentionally I'm sure, not commanded me to worship his cock for several days. I have, however, begged him to allow me to do so. It was two days before I could sit somewhat comfortably after I forgot the rule. Remember to beg. Today, he reminded me that another rule Standard Rule is this: SUBMIT … Continue reading Anytime, Anyplace He Chooses