A little Whine with that Wine?

"What is that?" Milord demanded. I glanced guiltily at the dirty wine glass on the counter. I could have cleaned it up and put it away before Milord got home, but that would be cheating. I may have broken one of my Autumn Rules 2019, but I still respected them. "At least you've put on a … Continue reading A little Whine with that Wine?

National Humiliation Day – October 26, 2019

October 28 – National Erotic Humiliation Day https://www.enoughtomakeyoublush.com/first-annual-national-erotic-humiliation-day/ For October, the weather is quite warm, which is why Milord handed me a sundress and sandals. This would be all I would wear today. In fact, I felt lucky to be wearing this much.  Today is National Humiliation Day and I knew he would take full … Continue reading National Humiliation Day – October 26, 2019

Maintenance Morning

As per my new autumn rules, Saturday Mornings were Maintenance Mornings which meant that I would be quite humbled for the weekend. This, honestly, was something I looked forward to. i WANTED to be humbled. I WANTED to be reminded of my position. I WANTED to know Milord remembered his duty to me. Milord was … Continue reading Maintenance Morning