TaTa Tuesday

Yes, it will pinch, something fierce, I'm afraid. But you covered yourself from my eyes, didn't you. You wore a bland, beige bra when I specifically told you to come to me wearing only your sweater and skirt and stockings and heels. You defied me. Intentionally. That's right, my darling. Beg all you want. Until I … Continue reading TaTa Tuesday

Walk of Shame

I was dressed dreadfully but to my Lord's specifications. No underclothing, as per his decree, and only a thin, black cloth wrapped around my body. It was true that the cloth was long and I was, technically speaking, completely covered with the sarong like garment. Nonetheless, I complained, vociferously, all the way to the art … Continue reading Walk of Shame

The difference between a Submissive and a Victim

(For the sake of ease of reading, I'll be using the pronoun "she". This does not mean that this applies to only females.) Submissive  She does what she does because she has freely and without fear of consequences chooses to. She has absolute trust in the integrity of her partner. Nothing is done without her … Continue reading The difference between a Submissive and a Victim

Non-Fiction – My Brother

Warning:  This is NOT erotic - not in the least!!! Today is His birthday. My brother's birthday. He's been dead for longer than he was alive. He was 27, you see, when he was killed. That was in 1985. He wasn't my biological brother. My parents adopted both of us, but we were just babies, … Continue reading Non-Fiction – My Brother