Public Session during Social Distancing

As per our New Year Rules 2020,  Mister may call on a session at any time. I may, of course,  object, but without a very good reason not to (embarrassment and "I don't want to" are NOT good reasons), I will obey. Today, he called for a session. He sent me a text with instructions:  Wear … Continue reading Public Session during Social Distancing

Testing out the New Collar

My Ard Ri today gifted me this new collar. He, naturally, holds the key so only he can unlock the pretty heart lock and remove it. (Naturally, I know where the spare is in case of emergency.) Aside for an emergency, however, I will wear this lovely piece of jewelry 24/7. I couldn't be happier … Continue reading Testing out the New Collar

Earning a little Whiskey

Who says alcohol and BDSM doesn't go together? Ok - LOTS of alcohol and whiskey absolutely DO NOT go together. It's all in the amount and timing. For example, my all time favorite whiskey is Writer's Tears.  Sir knows this and, for my birthday, he procured a bottle of it for me. I was overjoyed, leaped … Continue reading Earning a little Whiskey