Dominant Diary – Outside Discipline

She could not have been more of a brat today. Talking back, refusing to do her chores, wearing her pajamas until noon. I ignored her behavior for a while, but it soon became obvious that my Lovely was in need of some serious Discipline. I called her to my office, a sure sign that we … Continue reading Dominant Diary – Outside Discipline

How to Use a Spatula

Sage had written a list of personal characteristics she wanted to work on, things that she did often enough that she was ashamed. In fact some of these acts had ¬†cost her both friends and jobs. Ben, bless him, had agreed to help with these. He told her to choose five punishments that she'd be … Continue reading How to Use a Spatula

Christmas Tree Surprise

When Mister decided that I should decorate the tree sans clothing, I happily agreed, thinking that it would be great fun and I'd end up with a great fucking. I really should have known better. Mister is FAR, FAR more creative than that! First, he brought in the tree and snipped off a few of … Continue reading Christmas Tree Surprise