Naked Camping

First, I’m not a big fan of camping, at least at first. It takes me a day or so to get into the spirit of it. My Lion, however, devised a brilliant way to speed things up a bit. We set up the camper – yes, a camper, not a tent – and then he stripped off his clothing. I watched, fascinated and drooling. Then, he ordered me to do the same. Naturally, I did so. What I hadn’t expected was for him to lock our clothes – all of our clothes, even the ones in the suitcase – into the closet of the camper then hang the key aroundhis neck. I started at him, shocked, then yelled at him. He just stood there and grinned until I finished my tirade. To be clear, we were camping on our own private, basically undeveloped property. We did have a water source and the camper did have a generator, but we were basically totally alone and would be for a whole week, so there was no chance of unsuspecting people – or worse yet children! – coming upon us unexpectedly. Once I had calmed dotumblr_oktlgemiaa1qlziito1_1280wn, Lion grabbed me by the hand and walked me to a tree. He positioned my hands and feet so that my back was flat and my ass sticking out. I heard him shuffling around then the whistle of a switch. I yelped, but didn’t move position. I did, at least, know better than that! “Naked. All week. No back talk. No complaining. No hesitating. Understand?” He said, each command punctuated with a swish of the switch. It stung like hell, but he wasn’t putting his back into it. He wanted to reinforce what he was saying, not really punish me. “Yes!” I squealed. “Yes. I understand.” Then, He stepped behind me and pressed his cock into my dripping pussy. “You seem to like the idea,” he noted. “Oh yes, yes,” I answered. And I did. The very idea, let alone the reality of having full access to his incredible body for an entire week was worth the initial discomfort of being forced into nudity. I exploded, creaming his cock. He laughed and slapped my ass. “Good, because every day I’m going to fuck you. Your ass, your pussy, your mouth. Every day I’m going to spank you, whip you, mark your body for my own pleasure,” he promised. His voice!!! “YES!” I screamed. “Please, yes, please, yes,” I babbled and came again. His fingers dug into my hips and he too unleased himself inside of me. I tightened my muscles, milking his cock. I wanted every single drop.

And so the week progressed. We both became very tanned, my body became ma


rked by his choice, and filled with his come. I’ve never had a better camping expxerience.

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