Walking in “Blind” 1

Jet agreed, despite her nervousness, to do whatever Adam said for the next 12 hours. He agreed to immediately obey her safe word and to always keep her in his sight even though she might not know he was there. She’d just have to trust that he would keep his word. She DID trust him. She just didn’t trust herself not to make a complete ass out of herself. This was Adam’s birthday, thought, and this was the gift he had requested. Deep down, this was the gift Jet wanted to give him.

They had been flitting around with DD for some time, but she was still hesitant. She wanted to go forward, but was frightened of something. She didn’t know what exactly. She had loved and known Adam for 2 years, had met his whole family, had never see a single red flag. The few times she had broken an agreed upon rule, he had, naturally, spanked her, but she kinda enjoyed it. Not the spanking, but the feeling of redemption which followed.

Tonight was really her moment of truth. They were both ready to take the next step into their relationship – make it officially permanent, but Adam wouldn’t be happy in the long term if he were not the Head of House. Jet thought she wanted that as well, but the next 12 hours would really be the stress test.

“I’m going to begin by blindfolding you, Jet. You need to trust me. If it gets to tight or too loose or is simply too much for you, let me know. Okay?” Adam asked

“Yes. I’ll let you know.” Jet closed her eyes as Adam adjusted the pretty black satin. She breathed deeply. They’d done blindfolds before and they always made her feel very vulnerable. She could see nothing through this one.

“Good. Now, I’m going to strip you out of you clothes. I know you don’t like it, but I’m the only one here. I WILL be the only one here. You need to release your power over to me, though, and know, really know, that I have only your best interest in mind.”

Jet, a perfect size 12, squirmed. She used be much thinner and fitter, but a car accident had laid her up for months and she’d never quite gotten her preferred shape back. Adam, though, vehemently stated that he didn’t care. She was beautiful. End of discussion.

As he removed her clothing, he outlined his expectations for the next 12 hours.

“I expect you to obey any commands I give or to ask questions at any time if you aren’t sure what to do. There will be no body shaming. You will not try to cover your body from my sight or touch. You will eat and drink all that I give you. Questions?”

“No, Adam. But, why do I need to be totally naked?” she whined.

He slapped her ass. “That wasn’t a real question, Jet. That was a complaint. You will be naked because one – I love your body and two – you need to love it and get comfortable with it as well.”

Jet sighed and looked down even though she could see nothing.

“To begin,” Adam said as he took her hand and walked with her, “I’ve set up my massage table in the living room. That’s it. Now, hop up on it,” he placed his hands on her waist to help lift her up “and lie on your back. You’re going to see just how much I love that body of yours.

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  1. Anarie, I always love your blogs and your imagination. I must tell you though, this one has (quite a few) typos and/or left out word. You may want to re-read and edit it a bit as it would make it easier for your readers too. **please take these words as helpful, not critical. Marie

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