Three Days in – Disregard of Rules

Today was the final day of my forced orgasms (see previous post!) Have I learned my lesson? You bet your sweet ass I have! I’m exhausted! My clit is swollen and tender so that even that Milord as removed the vibrator and the harness holding it in place, any movement – even walking – that causes the least friction on it makes me come still! Milord is pleased and I am quite, quite humbled and very, very obedient. I still must remain nude all day tomorrow and complete my housework while naked (something I HATE, but is a very effective punishment.) Milord will be going back to wotumblr_mmi0g4USlP1rwhpjno1_500rk tomorrow, but trust me, I will NOT disobey him! He was 100% right! I can’t wait to go back to my Fall Rules!!! This morning when woke up, Milord was already up and in the kitchen. I went to him, knelt, and asked permission to suck his cock. He smiled down at me andd told me how lucky he was to have such a good submissive who loved cock as much as I. (He’s right!) I groaned when he pulled out of my mouth before he came. He attached the vibrator to my harness and he bent me over the table. He  reached around me for the olive oil, lubed his cock and my ass while telling me how happy he was that I seemed to have learned my lesson so well. He slowly eased himself into my ass. I can still feel the thick beauty of him inside of me. He fucked me gently, carefully, whispering words of beauty in my ear. I have no idea where it was, but he hit the remote for the vibrator and my clit went crazy. I screamed out his name and came and came and came. I was crying, begging for mercy, but he laughed which made me come even harder. He began to spank my ass and sank his cock deeper inside of me. I lost track of time and thought and everything else untile he finally released his own pleasure, filling me with his seed. He switched off the vibrator and I melted onto the table. He kissed me and said that he was so pleased with me that he was going to remove the vibrator. I babbled my thanks, swearing I’d follow every rule exactly.

He fucked me twice more today coming in my pussy and my mouth. I couldn’t be happier. It’s always a very good day when Milord graces me in all three holes! Tomorrow, you can be sure I’ll be on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, just as he ordered, happy, content, and grateful to have such a wonderful, loving, strict Man.naked-housework-large

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