Yacht Rules

Milord recently made a very large purchase – a yacht. It is 81 feet long, has 3 bedrooms – a master, a guest, and a crew’s quarters with 4 bunks along. There are 3 bathrooms – one in the master, one on the main floor which is really a powder room, and one for the crew and guests. Also included are a living area with a grand piano and full bar, a galley, a formal dining room, a pilot house, as well as an upper and lower deck complete with loungers, chairs, and an outdoor bar. Naturally, he made rules for when I am on the yacht. Just for fun, he had me obey what I thought would be the Yacht Rules. If I guessed correctly, I would be rewarded with an orgasm. If I were incorrect, He would “punish” me with either a spanking, plug, or nipple clamps – his choice of course. He also told me there were five rules. I eagerly agreed to this plan.

I stepped onto the vessel and immediately kicked off my shoes and stripped out of my clothing. I KNOW how much he enjoys me being totally nude. He grabbed from behind, kissed my neck, and fingered me until I melted in his arms.

Rule #1: While in the yacht, I will be nude unless otherwise directed.

Now came the hard part. I wandered about for a few minutes, confused. He frowned (not his REAL frown, but his playful one) and pointed to the thick carpet directly in front of him. GOT IT!! I knelt, unzipped his linen trousers, retrieved his fully engorged cock, and began performing fellatio – one of my absolute favorite activities. Apparently, it’s one of his faves as well, because it took only a few minutes before his hot sweetness was jutting against the back of my throat.

“So, since I had to give you a hint, I think a light spanking is in order. Go stand with your hands on the bar, feet wide apart,” he commanded.

Standing, I did as he directed, not sure what a “light” spanking meant. After 30 swats – I ALWAYS count in my head – he stopped, noting the pretty rose color of my ass.

Rule #2: I will offer fellatio within five minutes of arriving on the Yacht.

Why did he want me at the bar? Was that a hint? I stepped behind it and asked Milord if he would care for a drink. He smiled and said, “a glass of ice water would be lovely.”

Rule #3: I will inquire if Milord would care for a drink after offering and/or performing the initial fellatio.

He looked at me, expectant. I had no idea. I went to the bedroom and explored, finding all of our favorite toys stowed away in one of the cabinets. Going back into the living area, I asked, “Would Milord like to use any of the toys?” He smiled, told me to bend over the bar again, and knelt behind me. He licked my puss and pinched my clit until I again came.

Rule #4: I will ask Milord if he would like to utilize any of the toys.

Now I was stumped. I had no idea what his 5th rule was. I asked, “Would Milord like me to insert a plug?” He raised his eyebrows and answered, “Why would I want that since you just asked if I wanted to use any toys. I’m disappointed. Go to the bedroom and lie face down on the bed.”

I did as he instructed, spreading my legs wide. He ran his finger up my dripping slit. Then, he walked to the cabinet and grabbed a few items. “Since you offered,” he said, and pressed lube into my ass. Slowly, he inserted a rather large, uncomfortable plug. This time, there was no “lightness” to the spanking. He used a thick wooden paddle and continued until the could of 40. I was sobbing into the satin sheets and clutching them with my fists.

“There. I am going to assume you are properly humbled. Now, stand up and go into the bathroom. There is a bottle on the counter. Bring that to me.”

Sniffing, I obeyed. It was sunblock. OF COURSE!!!! With attention to detail, Milord covered my entire body with sunblock.

Rule #5: I will apply or ask Milord to apply sunscreen.

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