Are you Frightened? Reprimand 2

She’d passed – with flying colours! Still, she’d spoken out of turn and that deserved reprimand. She knew this, accepted this, even asked for it. Upon completion of the flogging I released her. She dropped to her knees, looked up at me, and said, “I spoke. I broke a rule. Please accept my apology. If it please you, I would like to be reprimanded immediately.” Like I’ve said – she’s perfect. I removed her blindfold, I wanted her to see what was coming.

“Because you broke the rule while being sodomized, your reprimand will also involve you being sodomized. First by me, then by every man here. Once I have come in your ass, you will suck me clean until the next man comes. He will replace me in your mouth – a reminder that you speak only your safeword or to answer a question. This will c


ontinue until each and every man here has sodomized you and you have cleaned his cock. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes. What of the Mistress?”

I looked at Mistress and she smiled wickedly. “Have no fear. She too will ensure your reprimand, but in her own way.”

And so it began. Love’s second reprimand. I had never required her to do ATM before, but she offered no complaint. She also didn’t complain about barebacking – every person here was tested regularly. By the time the third man’s cock was in her ass, tears were spilling down her face. I knew she was sore and thought about giving her a reprieve. The she made eye contact with me and I changed my mind. I can do this she seemed to tacitly say.  At last, all of the men had been satisfied. While Love was cleaning the last man – Mistres2e4e94d4231663491f404cbf775199a1s’s boy – Mistress stood between Love’s legs. I nodded to her, giving her permission. Obviously, Love was very well lubricated at this point. Mistress had no trouble sliding in the rather large plug. Love moaned, but remained focused on her task. Neither submissive would dare stop until directed to do so by their Dominant. suddenly, Love’s eyes flew open and a spring of fresh tears coursed down her face. She looked at me and I grinned. Mistress had coated the plug rather thickly with freshly ground ginger paste. It would cause no harm to Love’s tender, delicate tissue, but she would certainly feel a deep, strong burn. Mistress taped her boy on the shoulder and he pulled away from LovAre you Frightened? Gauntlet 2

e’s mouth. I Held out my hand to help Love to her feet. She asked no question, but I told her anyway. The would continue for about half an hour. The plug, though, would stay in until she needed to eliminate. Only then would I take it out – temporarily. After elimination, I would again fuck her ass and come in it. She would suck me clean. I would then reapply the ginger paste and replace the plug. This cycle would continue for the next twenty four hours. She would remain nude, as well. Luckily, the Club had it’s own attached garage so we would not be in the public eye when we went to the car. Once we arrived home, the same was true as well. In the car, I would drap my jacket over her just in case any other drivers or passengers happened to look in our windows.

“Do you feel this is a proper reprimand? Do you accept my decision?”


Are you frightened? Instruction

Are you frightened? Entrance

Are you frightened! Reprimand 1

Are you Frightened? Gauntlet

Are you Frightened? Gauntlet 2

Are you Frightened? The Ending

Are you Frightened? Reprimand 2


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