A Night in the Woods

Marcus informed me that he had a surprise for me. I was excited until he said we would be going to his grandfather’s property. His grandfather, now living in a senior apartment and having the time of his life, owns a 15 acre lot with a small lake and a lot of woods. He used it for his own and his family’s hunting exploits.

I’m not a fan of roughing it. Still, Marcus used THAT voice when he told me, so I smiled and hopped in the car. It was early morning a bit chilly when we arrived. Marcus grabbed my hand as we walked but said nothing. Actually, it was a rather nice quiet walk. About 20 feet in, surrounded by trees, he turned to me and demanded I hand over my clothes. I would, he informed me, walk the rest of the way to my surprise naked.

I gulped, but did as he asked. NO ONE comes here except us and his brother and I knew his brother was in Italy. My nipples immediately hardened with the cool breeze but the sun was warming the air nicely.

“Some parts of this surprise you are going to love. Other parts, not so much. Key point though, you will please me very much if you obey. Still, you know I will always respect your safeword,” he explained.

Lately, the spark had gone a bit dim in our BDSMing. I’d missed it, which is why I hadn’t complained about being nude. I was hoping he’d want something like this.

“I think that sounds perfect,” I responded.

“Good. In that case, take my knife and go cut yourself a switch. I’m going to use it on your ass as needed.”

I took his knife and looked around for a medium thick, bendy twig to cut. One too thin would cut like a literal knife and one too thick would be awful. Finally satisfied, I cut a switch about three feet long, shaved off all the little nubs, and handed it to him.

“Well done. Now, we’re headed to the lake, so lead the way.”

We walked in silence for a while, me in front. Then, I stopped to look at a butterfly. WHACK!!

I jumped, cried out, and spun around. “I didn’t tell you to stop, now did I?”

Marcus was GRINNING. I rubbed my bottom, felt myself soften and my labia thicken, and agreed with him. I walked on, not stopping until we reached the lake. Then I stopped again, my mouth hanging open. I looked at Marcus in wonder.

“I’ve been busy. This is where we will stay tonight. Here’s the rules, and if you break them, I have the switch. Don’t worry, if it snaps, I have lots more fun things to use on you hidden away.

You, Gracie, will remain nude until we are almost back to the car. Sadly, there’s no bathroom in there, so we’ll have to go outside for that. There’s also no electricity, but it should be warm enough tonight. There’s a task bucket where we will take turns pulling needed tasks. If you don’t perform your task to my satisfaction, you will be punished. If I don’t perform to your satisfaction, you can opt out of a punishment.

However, I’m going to collar you and whenever you have to go out of my visual range, I’ll attach a leash and we will walk together. I’m not going to have either your or me do all the work! There’s also a cooler with food and water, so no worries there. Ready?”

This was my chance to safeword out. “I am.”

I lifted my hair and he buckled a leather collar around my neck. I pulled first from the Task Bucket. “Clean out the firepit so it is ready for a new fire.”

“Are there any tools? Like a shovel?” I asked.

He pulled an action packer from behind the glass building and opened it up. I smiled and selected a small hand shovel then went to work. When I was finished, I stood back and said, “Done!”

Marcus inspected the fire pit but clicked his tongue. In truth, I knew I had done a shitty job. I WANTED that punishment!

First, I had to simply stand facing a tree, hand behind my back, and not look back. After about 15 minutes, He called me back to the fire pit. I was to duck inside so that I was actually IN the chimney! While I was facing the tree, Marcus had cleaned out the chimney to make sure no spiders or birds or other critters were living in there. While it was certainly dark, it was also quite clean. Still, in this position, there was no way I was moving much!


Marcus went after my ass and upper thighs with my switch. I was wiggling from foot to foot and whimpering, but was, basically, bound so I couldn’t move much. After about ten whacks, he stopped and helped me out. Then, I knelt in front of him, undid his zipper, and thanked him for correcting me as every good sub should.

The afternoon wore on with tasks such as gathering firewood, starting the fire, putting together a cold lunch, gathering water from the lake to boil, and so on. I messed up twice more, him not at all. I had to pee three times. Each time he would snap a leash onto my collar, walk me to a tree off from our camp site, and watch. I wanted to die of humiliation. I also wanted to jump his bones, but so far, the closest I got was worshipping his cock after every punishment. I had to wait, he said. He would fuck me when he was good and ready.

After we ate a simple dinner of hot dogs cooked over the fire, Marcus stripped out of his clothes and, using the warmed lake water, we both washed off. I was, I have to admit, filthy by that time. FINALLY, we went into the glass house once darkness fell, the only light coming from the slowly dying fire outside and the stars above.

FINALLY, Marcus gave me what I had been craving. He sucked my nipples, licked my juices, and made love to me sweetly and slowly. I fell asleep in his arms.

Two hours later, I was awakened by his mouth on my nipples again. “You didn’t think once would be enough, did you? I’ve used your mouth three times today and we’ve made love. Now, I’m in the mood for a bit rougher sex.” He bit down on my nipple. I arched my back and cried out, my juices flowing. “Turn over. Pillows under your hips.”

I obeyed while he rummaged for something. He filled my ass with lube and thrust his cock deeply, seating himself with one push. I grasped the sheets and moaned. Yes, it HURT, but DAMN it hurt so good! As he fucked my ass, he slapped my cheeks until I was sobbing as I came. Eventually, he came as well, shooting his cream deep inside of me. Slowly, he pulled out and ordered me to clean us both. I went outside to grab the bucket of water, still warm, and did just that.

We napped again for a bit. Again, I was awakened unexpectedly, this time by his fingers inside of me. I was already wet. “Time for you to do the work now,” he said and pulled me on top of him.

I knew our rule. If I’m on top, my ass was filled. Since I wasn’t plugged, I knew what he expected. I also knew that with his cum still in me, I’d be well lubed if a bit sore. I positioned myself and slowly began to slide down his cock. He had other ideas and grasped my hips, pushing them down to his base in one fell swoop. As I rode him, he twisted my nipples. Hard. I came over and over again. Since he had already come twice, I didn’t think he would again, and I was right. Instead, he made me fuck him until I was begging for mercy. My body exhausted and sore.

“You have a choice, Gracie,” he murmured. “I’ll let you stop and sleep again now, but you’ll have to keep a plug in you until we get back home tomorrow.”

I moaned.

“Or, you keep going until I’m ready for you to stop and then you’ll only have to keep the plug in until the morning.”

OMG! I was already exhausted! Either way I’d be having a plug in my ass and I didn’t know what size. Still, if it was in only until the morning, he was likely to fuck my ass again before we packed up. If it was filled, I’d most likely get his cock in my pussy again.

“I’d like to stop now,” I whispered.

The next evening, as we walked into our house, my panties were wet with his cum drippings, my ass still plugged with a fairly small metal plug, my nipples swollen, and heart full.

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