Celebrating Imbolg – Our Power

Yes, we follow the pagan traditions of honoring Imbolg and all the other high days of the pagan calendar. For Imbolg (February 1-2) we begin by cleaning. Actually, I start days earlier by cleaning up any clutter, which shouldn’t be much. We both tend to be neat. Naturally, I will be nude during this festival and I usually am unless Ard Ri’ decides to have me wear a corset, stockings, cuffs, collar or some other lovely adornment. I concentrate on the interior of the house while Ard Ri’ concentrates on general maintenance.

I’m PICKY about my floors, so after sweeping, I get on my hands and knees with a bucket of hot, sudsy water and an empty trash can. I use old, clean rags to wash every nook and cranny. When that rag is finished, I toss it, thus keeping my water clean and getting rid of the dirt. Ard Ri’ does NOT require I do this, but, especially for the day on which spring cleaning may have originated, I absolutely do.

I do my floors last as every thing else – dust, crumbs, etc – all end up on the floors, so it makes sense to save them for last. By the time I’m finished, I’m filthy as well. Naturally, we can’t have this on Imbolg!!

Ard Ri’ insists that we both be spotless. He, naturally, takes care of himself first. Then, he takes care of me. He begins by giving me a deep, soapy enema then plugs me to be sure it all stays in until I’m begging for release. During this time, I soak in a cool water bath. I hate cool water, but it symbolizes winter. After each enema, the water will gradually be warmed to symbolize spring and the coming warmer weather.

After 15 minutes, I’m shivering and begging. While I’m releasing the nasty inside of me, Ard Ri’ is preparing my second bath of warm water and lovely smelling bubbles. He then fills my bowels with warm, clean water and reinserts the plug. He will do this at least two more times, increasing the temperature of the bath water until steam rises. The whole process takes about 2 hours!

Naturally, He’s not being neglected during this time! He scrubs my body, at first in the cool bath quite roughly with a loofah. Once he finishes with the scrubbing, I attend to his cock and balls with my mouth. During this first round, I do so until he, bless his soul!, comes down my throat. During the other baths, I worship him until I can’t hold the enema any longer. If he feels it has been long enough, he will release me and move on to the next phase.

Finally, when I am as spic and span as the house, my body slick with the scented oil he has added to the final bath and the lube he has pressed inside of my bottom, he leads me either the enclosed back porch or, in warmer weather, outside. This year, the temperature was up to 68 F so outside it was! I ADORE when we go outside. I get a head start. As if I were the goddess of spring – much desired yet elusive – I sprint away and we begin a fun game of hide and seek.

We have no fear of anyone catching us as our property is quite isolated. I’m allowed a 10 minute lead. Soon, though, I heard Ard Ri’s crunching footsteps. He, the embodiment of the Green Man, makes no effort at stealth. Part of the fun is the chase!

Eventually, he traps me. We both laugh and fall to the soft, damp moss and leaf covered ground. He MUST dominate me. He MUST show his determination to overtake me. He kneels between my legs, puts my ankles on his shoulders and eases himself deep within my fully prepared ass.

He penetrates deeply, fully, completely. I am HIS. He does not rush, but takes his time. He will hold my wrists above my head, pressing them down into the soft ground. He will wrap one hand around my throat, exerting just the right amount of pressure. He will bite and suck my nipples, causing me to cry out and come. He does all of this and more while keeping his masterful cock buried within my welcoming body. Only when he is ready will he pump his seed inside of me, deep and warm, filling my bowels with his essense.

Slowly, we will go back to the house where we will again take a shower, cleaning each other. He again plugs me, assuring that what he placed inside of me will remain there until he decides it can come out. He wraps me in a thick, fluffy towel and carries me to bed.

Here, here is where he will make love to me. Gently, but with astonishing power, he takes that which I willingly give. I am his captive. I am his servant. I choose to be both. In this choice, I feel my own power rise and know that together, we can face any any challenge that comes before us.

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