Advent with Milord

I never thought I’d think this, but I MISS clothing!! For Advent (even though we are not particularly religious) Milord has asked – and I have agreed – to “prepare” for the joy of Yuletide by giving up something almost everyone takes for granted – clothing. That’s right. From December 1 through December 24 I will wear ABSOLUTELY no clothing – which also means I won’t be leaving the property. Because we live so far off the beaten path, I will still be able to step outside of the house on warmer days, but that’s it. 100% of my Christmas shopping will be done on-line. I already work from home – always have – with no need for zooming. Of course, our power bill will go up somewhat and we’re going through a PILE of wood for the fireplace, but Milord says that these inconveniences are HIS burden to bear – ones that he is more than willing to bear for the pleasure of having me nude 24/7.

I am allowed to wear an apron while cooking and cuddle beneath a soft blanket on the couch, but aside from that – nothing. Not even when an unexpected guest shows up. – Unexpected by me anyway.

I was just finishing up dinner last night when the doorbell rang. Milord smiled at me then went to welcome our mutual friend, Steven.

“Come on in. Clara here is about to serve up dinner. We’ve got plenty for another serving, right?”

“Um. Yes. It’s risotto and I made a whole bowl full,” I murmured, feeling my face burning red. “I’ll add another place setting.”

Steven, who is well versed in our lifestyle, raised his eyebrows, took a good look at my naked-except-for-my-apron body and said, “That’d be great. Thanks, Clara.”

Still blushing, I set up the extra place and we enjoyed dinner. I almost forgot about my nudity. Until I was cleaning up that is and Steven asked how I kept warm enough. Before I could answer, Milord explained that he often “warmed” up not only my ass but the backs of my thighs, my inner thighs, my front of my thighs, my belly, and my breasts as well. He also explained that my “corner time” was now standing directly over a heating vent.

Steven laughed and said he’d love to see that. Well, who was I to deny such a dear friend such simple pleasure.

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