Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep. It was my birthday yesterday. Today, I’m still feeling it and will for quite some time (insert happy face). Liam woke me with a beautiful breakfast all laid out on a silver tray. He fed me the waffles with strawberries, bits of bacon, and a soft boiled egg. I thought I’d bust! I lazily sipped my hot tea while he explained his plan for the day.

I turned 37, so he decided that every hour at 10 after (since I was born on the 10th), I’d get 37 spankings. My eyes widened and then I grinned.

“Sometimes I’ll use my hand, sometimes it will be gentle, sometimes, it will be harder with various implements. You will present yourself to me every hour on the hour to get set up. That’s step 1. Want to hear the rest?”

I nodded happily.

“At 9:10 in the morning I’ll give you one of your presents. It’s something you can wear, but for today, it will be all that you wear.”

“Okay,” I answered, getting wetter and wetter with every word he spoke.

“Before every spanking, I’ll make you come. I want you to look forward to your time, not dread it. After, I’ll either fuck you or you will suck my cock. Sometimes I’ll come, sometime not. Today is about you, not me.”

I sighed happily.

“At 9:10 in the evening, I’ll give you your other present. If you like it, you can thank me however you like.”

“Sounds perfect.”

I glanced at the clock. It was 8:00 a.m. “I guess this is my first hour for my spanking?”

He lifted the tray off my lap and had me turn over, my hips up on two pillows. He knelt between my splayed legs. I shivered with the first lick. He inserted two fingers while he rimmed my anus. I exploded, covering his fingers with my cum. He continued his attention and I continued to come until the alarm went off.

Keeping his fingers inside of me, he used his other hand to deliver thirty seven swats, alternating cheeks. He was NOT gentle. The combination of the hard spanking mixed with the joy of his fingers inside of me, added to the fact that I was very well primed, caused me to continue riding waves of pleasure.

When he finished, he pulled his fingers free and I screamed, “No!” before he could replace his fingers with his cock. Slowly, gently, he made love to me. He took his time, running his hands down my back, tickling my anus, and finally gripping my hips and pulling me into him as he pumped his own pleasure into my body.

At 9:00, I again presented myself to him. I was still nude, since I wasn’t allowed to wear anything until he gave me my first present. This time he fingered me until I came, then hand me over his lap for my spankings. This time, he used a paddled covered with sandpaper. Thankfully, the swats were gentle, but he rubbed the paddle over my rosy skin between each swat.

“Suck,” he commanded when he finished.

I slid to the floor and freed his cock from his jeans. Attending to this man was nothing but pleasure, so when he said to stop before he came, I was disappointed. I sat back on my heels. He handed me a box which I quickly ripped into.

Inside was a beautiful body harness and a matching collar. I giggled, kissed him, and stood to put it on. There was a chain that went between my legs. It could, however, be loosened or unhooked in the back, which would easily allow him to adjust it as he saw fit.


As the day went on, I both looked forward to and dreaded the top of each hour. For the spankings, he used his hand, a wooden spoon, the soft, suede flogger, a ruler, a riding crop, and a leather paddle. My legs barely supported me because of all the orgasms. My clit was swollen from the chain and the attention Liam lavished on it. My ass was scarlet and sore; I knew I would see some delightful bruises tomorrow and not be able to sit comfortably for several days. I couldn’t have been happier.

I couldn’t decide if I was more exhausted or satiated! I’d never come so much in my life. Liam came twice more, once for my noon spanking, and once for my 9 p.m. spanking/gift.

At noon, he came down my throat, but at the last spanking of the day, He came in my ass, thus fulfilling my dream of having his cum in every hole over the course of one day.

Finally, it was 9 p.m. I stood before him. He kissed me deeply and took a firm hold of both nipples. He squeezed and twisted. I sunk down, my knees turning into jelly as I, for the 10,000th time that day, came. We were in the kitchen, so he bent me over the counter and grabbed a wooden spoon. Tears began to flow with the first POP. I was sobbing by the time he finished.

He turned me around, kissed my tears away and handed me an envelope.

“I’m so proud of you. You submit yourself totally to me and give me nothing but trust, love and respect. You make me want to be a better, stronger person. I love you.”

Now the tears were flowing for another reason! I slid my finger beneath the flap of the envelope. I opened the folded paper and screamed while doing a little dance. It was the agenda for an Adults only, Lifestyle friendly 10 day cruise. I threw my arms around him, kissing every exposed part of him. Then, I began taking off his clothes. I NEEDED him naked and inside off me!

I took his hand and drew him into the bedroom. “Lie down,” I ordered. He grinned at me and obeyed.

Even though I was seemingly in control, I kept to my rules. I grabbed the lube and applied it liberally to my anus and his cock. Positioning myself, I lowered my body onto his, becoming the scabbard for his sword. I rode him like a cowgirl and came again several times. He sucked my nipples and let me set the rhythm. When he moaned deeply and grasped my hips firmly, I squeezed my muscles tightly and cried out when I felt my delicious reward shoot inside of my bowels.

“So, did you enjoy your birthday?” Liam asked when I was snuggled in his arms.

I closed my eyes, exhausted and sore in all the right places. “Best Birthday ever,” I murmured before slipping into sleep.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Blessings be unto thee on the date of thy birth, dear. I’ve only just discovered this blog, but I know you are lucky beyond words. May your next year be one of prosperity and happiness… and lots, just LOTS, of kinky fun!


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