But I did

He asked, and I accepted.

No matter what we do, today, would you remain nude for me?

I didn’t expect a tumblr_p41v7bXhNl1v7x8s1o1_1280walk around our secluded property. I didn’t expect the light mist and a cool breeze.

I didn’t expect just how excited and submissive this would make me feel.

But it did.

I didn’t expect him to ask me to lie down on the soft, wet, sweet grass, for him to make love to me gently.

I didn’t expect afterwards to lie with my head on his chest, the sweet rain washing us both.

But it did.

I did expect him to go all “Dom”, but not out in the woods. I didn’t expect collect and braid my own “whip.”


But I did.

I didn’t expect to remain in place, fingers clutching the bark of a tree while He decorated my ass, legs, and back with designs of his choosing.


But I did.

I didn’t expect to completely lose myself to the beauty and sensuality of the pleasure I had just enjoyed, the cleansing of the rain, the pain of the whip, or the need within me that could not be denied. The need to obey and serve.

But I did.

And I am Grateful.








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