Earning a little Whiskey

Who says alcohol and BDSM doesn’t go together? Ok – LOTS of alcohol and whiskey absoluteImage result for writers tears whiskyly DO NOT go together. It’s all in the amount and timing.

For example, my all time favorite whiskey is Writer’s Tears.  Sir knows this and, for my birthday, he procured a bottle of it for me. I was overjoyed, leaped into his arms, and kissed him profusely. When I reached for it, however, he told me that first I had to “earn” the whiskey.  He used THAT voice. The one that gets me wet and begins to put me in sub mind IMMEDIATELY.

Since today is my 36th birthday, we would celebrate traditionally. With spankings. Thirty six on each cheek.

I gulped, but undressed. No spanking will EVER be given unless I am nude. At the last minute, Sir told me to keep the panties on. Why is it that having my panties around my ankles makes me feel more vulnerable than being completely naked?

I thought he was going to alternate cheeks, but nope. First my left cheek recDA4GWeUXsAAQrLLeived the blows, then the right. Thirty six birthday spankings for each cheek.

Finally, he finished. My ass was on FIRE, but so was my libido!!! Sir laughed at this and – bless his heart – fingered me until I exploded.

When I finally calmed, he helped me to stand, kissed me soundly, and broke open the bottle, pouring two fingers into the heavy bottomed whiskey glasses.  My panties were long ago kicked off during the spanking.

That was when the doorbell rang and I looked at him in panic. Again, he laughed and told me to go hide while he paid the delivery guy. I was not, however, to put on any clothing.

Ten minutes later he called for me to come out and there on the dinning room table was all set with my favorite meal – Hawaiian pizza. I sat gingerly, but we enjoyed the meal and the whiskey. After, we made love for long, long time with both of us enjoying very happy endings.

Honestly, I can think of no better way to spend my birthday.




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