Making the Best of it

Two weeks. I will be in this house for two weeks – minimum due to a government quarantine. Now, I COULD go out for supplies or a walk or a drive, but Milord has decided that I will not leave the house – AT ALL – for a minimum of 2 weeeks.

He has also extended my hours of nudity to 24/7 as is his right per our New House Rules. 

I CAN wear clothing but only those which he has pre-approved and since he also will be working from home primarily, although not exclusively, I really can’t complain.

A few years back, he (with my agreement) had my nipples pierced, and since then has taken full advantage of them. Now, he has decided that he wants to attach bells to

them so that he knows where I am at all times. Luckily, they’re cute, lightweight bells. They are also very quiet.

To combat this, he now requires I wear 2 belled anklets, bracelets, and, when he is in his office working, a very round, full butt plug with a friggin bell attached to it!!

I absolutely hate that one because the bell is big enough that sitting normally is impossible. Instead, I must kneel, lie down, or do a weird lean to the side thing.

Luckily, there are some advantages. I am played with REGULARLY!!! Milord makes sure I come several times a day, that my nipples are sucked on so that they are prominently standing out, that my pussy is wet, and my bottom is often red.

Maybe this confinement won’t be so bad after all.

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