New Paddle

IMG_6766-1024x768Milord received a package three days ago, but refused to open it until today (he may be a bit overly cautious during this Shelter in Place thing – not that I’m complaining)

In Making the Best of it I mentioned some of Milord’s requirements, one of which was that I remain nude 24/7. It’s really amazing just how much the amount of laundry we go through has diminished!

But, I digress. Before he opened the package, Milord arranged me on the bed with a pillow beneath my hips, so I had a good idea of what was inside the package. Nonetheless, I was not to turn around and see.

After the first strike, I knew it was leather. After five swats, I knew it was thuddy and carried weight. After 10, I was dripping wet and beginning to whine. After 20, plus a few well placed finger strokes to my slit, I had come twice.

Definitely a good investment.

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