What lies beneath

No one knows what is beneath another person’s outer clothing or expressioEOa82i3XUAIftwKn. What Lies Beneath – 2, but for me, there is much beneath what is seen.

Today I am shopping with friends, but beneath my simple and very modest dress, I am sporting a very red ass, an anal plug which is holding in milord’s cum, and instead of panties, a comfortable yet slightly constricting bondage harness.

The smile on face is real – for a number of reasons – and the dreamy quality in my eyes is also real. My friends see this and mistake it for a “healthy glow”, which, I suppose, is true. But more precisely, that glow is horniness.

The more I walk around, the less tender my ass becomes and the more chaffing the rope becomes. Both remind me that Milord is waiting for me at home. He is in no hurry for me to return. In fact, he ORDERED me to take my time and enjoy myself. He wouldn’t expect me home until late.

I, however, am eager to return. I want to share what I have purchased with him, and I want him.

He has promised that before he releases the harness, he will again make sure my ass is hot and red.

He has promised that before he releases the plug from my ass, my puss will be filled with his cum.

Which is why, when my friends suggest we stay at the pub for a second drink, I giggle, hug them, and scurry my eager ass home.





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