Public Session during Social Distancing

As per our New Year Rules 2020, 

Mister may call on a session at any time. I may, of course,  object, but without a very good reason not to (embarrassment and “I don’t want to” are NOT good reasons), I will obey. Today, he called for a session. He sent me a text with instructions:  Wear the grey sweater dress and matching pumps. Nothing else. Put my toy bag and yourself in the living room by 5:45 p.m.

Okay. Didn’t sound too bad. As per all of our sessions, he didn’t need to ask/order me to be showered, clean – inside and out – and shaved as well. I also did my hair nicely and put on a minimum of make-up. By 5:40 p.m., I was in place.

“Excellent,” he said. “Remember. You are on voice control during a session, which begins now.”

I watched as he set up the laptop and entered into a conference video call.

“WelcoEUOGzBNWAAIfM3Tme, friends! Let me go over the rules we’ve set up for my submissive’s benefit. Whoever has the winning poker hand can decide which body part my little one will expose. Once she is naked, the stakes get even higher. I have a stack of index cards here with devious things written on one side. Whoever wins can choose a number 1-10. Whatever is on the back, Gemma will do – or have done to her.”

I felt myself turn pale as the two men and one woman nodded and laughed. Mister, I noticed, was not playing poker. I looked at him, my eyes wide and begging, but he laughed.

The bald man won first. He stated. SHOES.

“Technically, that’s 2 body parts exposed, but I’ll allow it,” Mister stated.

I slipped out of my pumps.

The woman won. “Left Breast.”

Mister pushed down my dress top and exposed my breast. I closed my eyes and felt my face flame. I can’t deny that my hardened nipple had nothing to do with the cool air.

The curly haired man.  “Right breast.”

Soon, I was stark naked, and Mister had begun to turn over the cards.

“Bound, arms behind back.”


“Suspended slightly.”

You’re doing so well. Nod if you’re happy with this.”

I nodded. Despite my humiliation, I WAS happy. And, given the musky scent filling the room, it would have been hypocrisy to say differently.

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