Final Spring Punishment – 3

Final Spring Punishment  2e4e94d4231663491f404cbf775199a1 

Final Spring Punishment – 2

I spent the rest of the day going about my regular chores. My ass was tender all day and I figured it would be the next day as well. What I hadn’t counted on was after dinner when I offered Milord fellatio and he accepted, was for him to first insert the plug which would not be removed until the morning when he would again fuck my ass. This pattern, he said, would be repeated each day for the next seven.

“Just to make sure you really remember why you’re being punished, I want you to tell me what you did.”

I blushed and did as he said.

“Good. Now, over my lap.”

After all of that paddling he was going to spank me again??? Yep. He was. This time with his hand. He reminded me I had asked for the rules, willfully disobeyed them, and had asked for a severe, cleanlusciousnet_naked_over_the_knee_spa_351042160sing punishment. Therefore, (he continued to spank as he spoke) I would be spanked to tears before being plugged, even when his three best friends were over. He would, in fact, REQUIRE me to do this in front of them. That, I assure you, brought the tears on quickly! 

The next morning, he removed the plug, made love to me again using only my surprisingly open and welcoming ass, and left for work. I remained nude the entire day. When evening came and his friends came over they were unsurprised to see me naked and lying across Milord’s lap. Humiliated, I repeated my transgressions as Milord spanked away, tears flowing down my face. Eventually, he inserted the plug to the applause – APPLAUSE – of his friends.

I then played the role of hostess as I always did but this time with a red face and redder ass.

Four more days of punishment are left, but already I feel so much lighter and cleaner.


Note: Please remember that these are FICTIONAL stories. However, if you would like to see specific rules added, Summer is at hand and Milord needs some suggestions for next seasons rules! Please add your suggestions in the comments. Or, if you’re tired of “Milord” stories, state that as well. All comments are welcome!

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